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Why is doggo sad at the end? What happened with the principle? Or is it up to your imagination?

Fun game, I like the art on the fish

Dat - 71

People -2513

Happined - 477

Money - 2091

Works now. Suprised you made a 3d game in 3 days

Thats fun, my top score was 40 (not that good :| ) i liked the art. The best was the water. The only thing is i wish there was music while playing.

I had it in full screen and the start button wouldnt work

"I did not add an options menu i ran out of time im sorry but up and down on the arrow keys will change the volume, just kidding i didnt add that either"

and then some wierd thing



oop i just beat it

(1 edit)

Wow this is fun (but hard) did you make this with unity

my only question is can you add a level select, ive been on this level for 10 minurtes and i want to see the rest of the game

heres the level

better than any trash you ever made

After the jam ill add instructions, you simply just avoid the boss until it shrinks.

Ya the wall jumping and growing is just a glitch and I have no idea whats causing it :/

I will after breakfast, thanks for playing mine