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I hope the author is fine, but a least a little update on their conditions would have been the polite thing to do, after more than a year of nothing.

It's been nearly a year without an update, hope the author is doing fine. What a shame this project is abandoned tho.

No, wait your game is incompleted. The majority of the answers has no editing.

Hei, neither of these answers have consequences. 

Hello, I'm playing your game and I like it very much. I love the world you built and can't wait to try new projects from you!

Also, I found this bug during the mages' hunt. Hope it helps you

Sorry for the delay!
Yes it works fine now, thank you so much

I can't play.

Error: Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded (see JavaScript console for details)

This is a known issue in Safari and Webkit browsers. Please report this issue to Apple.

I really like this game! I wish it was longer. and maybe you could add a feature that tells you what you did wrong. Nice work!

After Elma call both options don't work.
Nice game, reminds me a bit of some game of choices about zombies.

idc, still bad game

The art is nice and the concept of the game opens up to infinite ways of development.

Unfortunately, there is no way to guess a fair price from the dialogues. You have to lose to see the right price and I really dislike this mechanics.

I ship Gerda and Margot soooo bad. After playing the game I picture them together and happy, even with the war. Beautiful game, love the arts.

This was one of the most beautiful visual novel I've played. Short but full of contents, tragic but with [ SPOILER ] an happy end. [/ SPOILER].
Great art, next time maybe you could add a bit of ambient sound.

Keep up the good work!


This is the worst game I've ever played.

I understand the concept of this game, but I can't really enjoy it. Every choice is useless since you want the player to lose. I get it, you want to adress a social problem, but maybe you should have made an essay, or an article. 

And the part with the crumbles taken as weed? Surreal. I mean, we know policeman aren't all saints, but that parti is a big exaggeration. 

This game is stunning. Very deep, I feel honored for playing it

I really like your game.
I'm not a super fan of "twisted" dating game, but your game is excellent. Hope you'll do more games like this. Maybe even without the horror part :D

Hello! In the folder there is no exe file? Can you check? Thank you

I really dislike this kind of game. I was looking for a normal dating game and I found this one. First, not everyone who plays dating game is a mess or feels alone. I really hate how people generalize depression or social anxiety and how they are sure that covincting these behaviours through a game would really help people.
And there is no way to tell Karen that we are ok, and we left our flat just to get laid or have a nice blind date.
So... yeah. Nice arts, nice music but that's all.

Great game, love the lore behind it. Nice end, but not a surprise, but nice. Maybe too short? Keep up the good work! :)

This is not even funny

Stuck on the first menu, I can't pick new game: I can only hit the space bar and switch between new game and exit.

Loved this game! Nice  artworks, perfect storic background! Really like all the three guys. Kudos!

I tried your game, but it gave  me this error

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:
  File "game/script.rpy", line 98, in script
    sup 'Hello, [pol]. I\'m really hungry. And I need to buy some food.'
KeyError: u'pol'

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:
  File "game/script.rpy", line 98, in script
    sup 'Hello, [pol]. I\'m really hungry. And I need to buy some food.'
  File "F:\nobody-is-perfect\Nbdisperfect-1.0-pc\renpy\", line 678, in execute
    renpy.exports.say(who, what, interact=self.interact, *args, **kwargs)
  File "F:\nobody-is-perfect\Nbdisperfect-1.0-pc\renpy\", line 1203, in say
    who(what, *args, **kwargs)
  File "F:\nobody-is-perfect\Nbdisperfect-1.0-pc\renpy\", line 1014, in __call__
    what = what_pattern.replace("[what]", sub(what, translate=True))
  File "F:\nobody-is-perfect\Nbdisperfect-1.0-pc\renpy\", line 1003, in sub
    return renpy.substitutions.substitute(s, scope=scope, force=force, translate=translate)[0]
  File "F:\nobody-is-perfect\Nbdisperfect-1.0-pc\renpy\", line 244, in substitute
    s = formatter.vformat(s, (), kwargs)
  File "/home/tom/ab/x64lucid-deps/install/lib/python2.7/", line 563, in vformat
  File "/home/tom/ab/x64lucid-deps/install/lib/python2.7/", line 585, in _vformat
  File "/home/tom/ab/x64lucid-deps/install/lib/python2.7/", line 646, in get_field
  File "/home/tom/ab/x64lucid-deps/install/lib/python2.7/", line 605, in get_value
KeyError: u'pol'

Nbdisperfect 1.0
Sun Oct 14 20:34:14 2018

Hope it helps you improve :D

I'm not even sure this is a game at all.

Any news? ^^

Can''t wait to play this game!

So, is this game dead?

Can't figure out the pruzzles, so... bad ending. Waitin for a tutorial

So cute! Hope yout teacher gave you an A+! Art is nice and sweet, and I loved the idea to see what my perfect dog wuold be. I have a Vizsla and, of course, he's the best dog in the world, but my dates are pretty too <3

Nice work!
It was difficult to think as a medieval inquisitor for some of the "crimes". I'd like an infinte version of it, and maybe a the opportunity to have more cities to judge <3

I want my 4 minutes back. Not a game, it's just a text simulator, with the author's political ideas.

Can't download on Windows :(

Hello guys and thank you for your answer.
I use the itcho desktop app and when I click on "instal" it does nothing.  The download don't start, I can't really figure out what could be the problem. I have the last version, I'll try from the site.

Can't install

Still waiting. No more news? At least is she doing ok?


My God, this game is pure art. Should I mention that I'm madly in love with Nova? Please, do a secon part and let me save her.