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Imagine have supported her on ko fi. Nice one

Can't even press play or use F...

I have finished the game. Very nice, linear. I hope you'll do new, more difficult, adventures.

thak you, I'll follow right away

I love this game. I love that is difficult enough to make you think of a good strategy without making you ragequit. I like the rewind button, it really helps you learn from your mistakes. Keep up the good work!

Twitter link doesn't work. Can you fix it? I'd like to follow your progress.

This game has a great potential, but there are a lot of bad features.

First of all: starting all over again from the begining is terrible, there should be some check point.

There is no editing. The deck is so unbalaced: the first couple of matchs are fair, then it becomes nearly impossibile to win.

Since they seemed so invest in the project, the idea of them dissapearing is less reasonable than their death (?).


Here we are two years later. F in chat for Scout, lost but not forgotten.

Very nice game. Unfortunately when you try to dismiss the chat you click on the monitor and it takes damage, sometimes it makes you lose the game.

We should do something special for the two years on hiatus anniversary.

excuse me, I know this game is complete buuuut do you plan on a secret level when we can bring rocky back?

I love this game, great satire and thank you for the link you posted there. 

Fuck HL

I tried your game and I found a few bugs. First page:
"Professor Jones: "Welcome to the Women's Studies program, player name. I'm Professor Jones. It's nice to meet you.""
Second page:
Sarah: "Hey player name, how was your weekend?"
It happears you forgot to let us chose our name.

At the end, the choices are not impacting at all the narrative.  The game seems like an essay about poly or monogamous relationships. "Player name" is nothing but a caricature and the player can't really empathize with him. And the girls are not even introduced, we know they have feelings for us, that's all. 

You asked: "you'll have the opportunity to get to know and connect with your female professors and classmates (not really), and you'll have to make decisions about your relationships and your studies (decisions? give up or push trough). Can you find love and balance in a sea of women? (Sea of women? You introduced us 2)

It's a nice concept, but poorly made.

"Except she's depressed and you should probably try to cheer her up. She's had a hard day and could use some comfort.

I can fix her. 

She should manage her own feelings."

You can't "fix" a depressed person. Who is fighting with depression needs help from a professional. Partners must help and be there, but it is not their role to fix and cure you.

Tried play but it gives me this error: Out of memory. If you are the developer of this content, try allocating more memory to your WebGL build in the WebGL player settings.

The Night Market community · Created a new topic Love it

I am an avid text based game enjoyer. I have played The Nigh Market in one hour, without being able to rest my eyes. I was so captured by your world - building, the secrets, the atmosphere... It's all so fantastic.

I do need Lady Belladonna Malady to be real because I'm totally in love with her. Hazel is a cinnamon roll. Milo is the kind of person everyone need in their life. I am not fond of Gabriel, but that doesn't mean he's a bad character. And the Barons? So mysterious!

Can't wait to read more!

ps apologies for my poor English!

Please let me finish my route with Rota. I need her. Pls.

Tried, but really can't get it. How can I craft the spear? I have been in all the possible places, but can't really craft anything. Bear kills me everytime. 

I hope the author is fine, but a least a little update on their conditions would have been the polite thing to do, after more than a year of nothing.

It's been nearly a year without an update, hope the author is doing fine. What a shame this project is abandoned tho.

No, wait your game is incompleted. The majority of the answers has no editing.

Hei, neither of these answers have consequences. 

Hello, I'm playing your game and I like it very much. I love the world you built and can't wait to try new projects from you!

Also, I found this bug during the mages' hunt. Hope it helps you

Sorry for the delay!
Yes it works fine now, thank you so much

I can't play.

Error: Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded (see JavaScript console for details)

This is a known issue in Safari and Webkit browsers. Please report this issue to Apple.

I really like this game! I wish it was longer. and maybe you could add a feature that tells you what you did wrong. Nice work!

After Elma call both options don't work.
Nice game, reminds me a bit of some game of choices about zombies.

idc, still bad game

The art is nice and the concept of the game opens up to infinite ways of development.

Unfortunately, there is no way to guess a fair price from the dialogues. You have to lose to see the right price and I really dislike this mechanics.

I ship Gerda and Margot soooo bad. After playing the game I picture them together and happy, even with the war. Beautiful game, love the arts.

This was one of the most beautiful visual novel I've played. Short but full of contents, tragic but with [ SPOILER ] an happy end. [/ SPOILER].
Great art, next time maybe you could add a bit of ambient sound.

Keep up the good work!


This is the worst game I've ever played.

I understand the concept of this game, but I can't really enjoy it. Every choice is useless since you want the player to lose. I get it, you want to adress a social problem, but maybe you should have made an essay, or an article. 

And the part with the crumbles taken as weed? Surreal. I mean, we know policeman aren't all saints, but that parti is a big exaggeration. 

This game is stunning. Very deep, I feel honored for playing it

I really like your game.
I'm not a super fan of "twisted" dating game, but your game is excellent. Hope you'll do more games like this. Maybe even without the horror part :D

Hello! In the folder there is no exe file? Can you check? Thank you

I really dislike this kind of game. I was looking for a normal dating game and I found this one. First, not everyone who plays dating game is a mess or feels alone. I really hate how people generalize depression or social anxiety and how they are sure that covincting these behaviours through a game would really help people.
And there is no way to tell Karen that we are ok, and we left our flat just to get laid or have a nice blind date.
So... yeah. Nice arts, nice music but that's all.