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Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed :)

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. No sleep and caffeine is the answer! :)

Haha but in all seriousness - I just tried to keep the color palette and art style minimal so it was much easier to make things consistent. The programming is my strong suit so I grinded out the different mechanics and didn't run into too much trouble other than some rushed code that led to minor bugs

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Thank you - I'm glad you liked it :D

If you're interested - the transitions are pretty simple to implement.

1) Each level is made up of tiles (I just used default cube with 0.25 on y scale)

2) Sort each tile into a List based off of the distance away from player (closest first -> furthest last)

3) When level is initialized - animate each tile with a delay based off of their index in the list

* Animate the scale of each tile to grow to default size 

* Simultaneously Animate position to go slightly above resting position then animate it back down into it's resting position

Thanks for reporting!

I've uploaded a new build that works correctly in the launcher.

I fixed the issues you mentioned above (as well as some others) and have put up a new build to download.

I also made it so hitting "Esc" locks game input but gives you access to your cursor. To unlock game input just click inside the game window again.

Thanks for reporting!

Thanks for the feedback and the compliments!

The asset I used for the office environment is QA Office

I'm pretty sure the asset previews were done in HDRP and I built the game using Unity's URP so that may have been the difference in visual quality (also my environments were pretty empty which also contributed)

And this is a list of assets (obtained from a post on Reddit) of assets that the game "Phasmophobia" uses

Hey thanks for letting me know about the bug!

I'll take a look and try to get a patch soon. I haven't experienced this yet so may be tricky. I'll post a comment here once I've found a solution.