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AJ Layden

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Thanks!  You can find my contact details in the Readme file included with of my games.  Best of luck with the magazine!

Thanks, that's awesome!  I tried to follow the track layouts as best as I could, so that's great that you recognised some of the sections. :-D

Thanks!  Great to hear you enjoyed the game. :-)

Cheers! Thanks for featuring my game.

Many thanks! I hope you have fun. :-)

Thanks for the kind words.  It's not really in the same league as Power Drift but I'll take it!

Thanks Richard.  Much appreciated!

Thanks!  Great to hear you enjoyed the game.

Thanks!  That would be cool.  Will do.

Cheers Saberman! :-)

Thanks Marco!

Many thanks!  I hope you enjoy the game. :-)

Thanks! :D

Thank you!  That's very kind.  I will try to keep going. :-)

Thanks LordEvyl!  I'm currently tinkering with a C64 port of this game.  It's going to take a bit of reworking but hopefully it will be released in the next couple of months.

Wow! That looks fantastic! :-D

Thanks Lifeschool!

Thanks.  That's a great video.  Top driving!  You've certainly mastered the game.

Thanks Saberman.  Nice video!

Many thanks! I'm not sure I'll get to 1000, but will keep going. :-)

That's very kind of you to say that.  Many thanks!


Thanks for playing it!

Thanks! Great to hear you enjoyed the game. :-D

Thanks, good score!  Not too far from the end of the game :-)

Thank you.  Enjoy! :-)

Pretty amazing game for something written in BASIC V2.  Great work!

Thanks LordEvyl!




Thanks! Cool video.  It looked like you were aiming for those cars! :-)

Thanks! Yes I probably did made it a bit too hard.  Can't make things too easy though. ;-)

Thanks.  Nice video! :-)

Crikey, that was quick getting that video done!  Thanks for making it.  Yes, it's quite hard to win the race.  It needs a bit of practice for sure!

Great audio, graphics and gameplay.  Nicely done!

Thanks! I don't know much about the workings of the Atari 8-bit family so I can't port it myself at the moment.  Same processor though so it would be fairly straightforward.  The hard bit would be improving it to make use of the extra features the Atari hardware has.  Maybe one day.

Thanks! And thanks for making the video.  Good to hear you had a bit of fun from the game.

Thanks!  And thanks for playing it.

Thanks for playing the game! :-)