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Hey, I just played this, it's really great. You really nailed the atmosphere. Thank you for making and sharing it. 

Gas station guy: "You really don't want to go through the canyon."

Me: "Ah, I'm sure it'll be fine. Full speed ahead!"

*one minute later as I careen off a cliff* "Oh ****!"

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Hey, version 0.0.4 is amazing! The best the game has been yet. I've been playing/following this game since v0.0.2, the progress is awesome. The rebindable controls are great, and I'm super glad you've kept the point and hold. That's been my favorite movement option in VR yet. Still my favorite VR game, so thanks for letting us play!

I've also posted some of my gameplay on youtube.

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There are lights on in the buildings... Were there lights before?
Edit - I looked at some old pictures, looks like there were. Neeevermind. Anyway, I like this. Thanks.

This is probably my favorite VR game so far. I love the movement system, after this I'm always disappointed when a game is just teleportation. Looking forward to the updates, thanks for providing this for free!