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@johnjoemcbob, thanks for your reply!

You read my mind =)

I plan to add more words for 'typing', fix word repeating add time_frame for 'char typing'.
Near plans - realize 'sand box' mode, for adding any new gestures. it is would look as online gesture creator. Before, I perform calculations using Matlab, but it's too tiring.

So much i want to do, but so little time.


Your work is very similar to mine, Gesturio (also you can find wiki info and stand alone library)

Only finger angles is not enough for a good recognition, you also need palm normal, palm dirrection, angles between fingers. In my work, i used 23 degrees of freedom.

I hope you can find more better recognition method them mine. Good luck!


But how to exit from the game?

Replied to Kip in Gesturio comments


I uploaded new archive. Just try again

index.html file in the root of repository is just iframe to release folder for github pages

Release folder contain all builded files, and archive them. This archive also uploaded in intch.io adn playing in game page

There are two ways how you can run this app locally

  • First: just copy all files from release folder to you host folder
  • Secon: Run full developmen enviroment. I added some instruction in README file
Let me know if there are additional problems.