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SUCH A GORGEOUS GAME . as another comment mentioned, every scene replay plays a bit differently from the last, since your character is aware it is a replay. no two replays seem to be the same. I love the little details. wonderful writing and an incredible concept. PLEASE get this game, I promise you'll enjoy it.

i was HOOKED the entire time i played this. i'm not one to play through a game multiple times to get different endings, so i'm quite happy with just the 2 endings i got of Jude. i promise you, i kept thinking about how much i just wanted to get back to playing this game every time i needed to get some work done instead lol.

this is written like a novel, and all the dialogue flows well. i think the only negative i have for this vn is more character personalisation? every time i play a different route, i make my character look contrastingly different from the other routes so i can remember the choices easier, but i couldn't do much in this game except make my names entirely phonetically different from each other.

other than that, i love, love, love this game. all its characters are done so well and they all have a depth to them i rarely see in other visual novels. well done! i will definitely be checking out any future games made by the dev ^ ~ ^

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absolutely loved this game from start to end. not many visual novels hook me in so good, so I was really pleased to find one that does! I really like the customisation options on this, even down to pronouns! well worth its price despite getting it through a bundle. I've already recommended this to my best friends who love visual novels as well (I am pushing for them to buy the game on Switch or PS4). I hope they love it as much as I did!

I really liked the options in answers and how they all contribute to a different personality trait that you can build on, and I can really see how this can cater to literally anyone since there's an option for everyone! the story will also play out based on how you respond and react personally, which is such a great feature in a visual novel game. granted, there are some choices you have to make to further the story, but I'd say 99.97 times out of 100 (pun intended) you are really able to grow the character and their relationships with other people as you would, just like in real life.

I'm not one to replay games to see how things turn out no matter how curious I get of other pathways since I play using my instincts and what I would unapologetically do, but I'm super excited to see how my best friends will play their stories out and if their ending is different from mine! (let's be real here, I'm most curious to see who they end up dating more than anything else..) thank you so much for this masterpiece. I truly enjoyed it, Arcade Spirits will always have a special place in my heart.

adorable game despite the tinge of sadness. when the grandma's soul floated away, it gave me a 'happy ending' vibe and so I will think of it as a happy ending. thank you for making this super cute point and click game! ^ - ^

such an addicting and frustrating game... I can see myself play this for hours and I am so scared to go down that rabbit hole.... the Lover mode is super hard T.T can't get past 20 and I am about to pull my hair out haha. thanks for an entertaining take to the classic!

I thought the Bubbles one said Bubbies and I was briefly alarmed to think this TV also has NSFW channels. fun game to pass some time!! would rather be doing this than watch actual TV tbh 

great short story! love the concept and the use of ink to bring a sense of interactivity into the text.

I like the narrative paired with the somewhat pointless puzzles. it's a cynical take on how no one truly 'wins' at life, like how user karamanga put it. after this game, you're left with the feeling, "Well, yea, I guess.." and ultimately, that's how life works. no matter how we win or lose, whether we cheat to get where we are or not, death comes and gets us anyway. that was how I interpreted this short game, and I think I loved it!

I am both uncomfortable and relieved of any stress at the same time.. it's like having those food squishies.. but without the scent of an artificial cake

absolutely love the concept, but the execution needs a bit more work. I agree with all the points Netbug009 has mentioned and personally think the light runs out too fast, considering there are lots of enemies to kill. they literally corner you at some points and you have no choice but to use up the light to kill them. overall, an addicting game. I kept wanting to play despite the bugs. would love to see this be made better and will definitely check in every once in a while to see if improvements are made! keep it up ^ - ^

this game actually has a special place in my heart because I recently had an epiphany of self love related to my room blinds and to be able to recreate that moment over and over is nice <3 I know the odds that the dev made this based on my specific prompt is 0% but it's nice to find something I can relate to so much lol