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"pay what you want' it's not explicitly free

I never said it was easy, that is why you charge for the full game. Demos are supposed to be a free sample of a game. 

Does and or will the game have controller support?

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Oh I know it's hard and lots of personal time and effort goes on. But a demo is there to show off all of that, its a free way to try a tiny bit of a game. I personally think asking for money at any point for a demo is wrong.

Honestly I don't even think that you (or the service you publish on) should even ask for money at all when delivering a demo. It should be free without "pay what you want" setting the implication that you should pay something. put up a donate button if you want donations.

You really shouldn't ask anyone to pay for a demo, those are supposed to be a free way to try a game.

I'm also interested to know if we can reserve a steam key when buying from this site (should there be plans for a steam release)

You have the right attitude tword the community. ^____^

I looked over the screenshots and they look great, very easy to distinguish and I think it adds to the overall visual appeal of the game as well! I need a bit more time before I can make my purchase but am excited to give you direct feedback about these changes. ^____^

I just need to let a couple things clear first, this game should nicely round out my budget for summer sales. ^___^

I would support you if you put up a kickstarter to get what you need to do a VR update.

I think that is the only thing that would keep me from enjoying the game. I will purchase it soon and give it a try. Rest assured I will provide more feedback if I feel my advice would be helpful.

I also just want to say how refreshing it is that you are so prompt with replies and so conducive to feedback. I am sure this is going to be an amazing game.

Any plans for VR support? this just screams to be played in VR.

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I watched a lets play on this game and am interested but the "routine controls" where you have to match up the switches and buttons uses lime green and yellow, 2 colors that to me look identical due to my red/green colorblindness.

I have given feedback to a few game devs on color blind friendly features, an example is the glinting effect on ores in terraria.

I suggest adding a color blind friendly mode and changing the yellow or green to blue or something more distinct (so nothing close to red yellow or green). Or simply just changing the yellow or green to something distinct like purple or blue (note purple and blue also give red/green colorblind indeviduals issues as well as red and orange.)

You could also add a symbol to the buttons that changes based on it's state.