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Airplane among us

A member registered Jan 02, 2021

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Can someone please find an among you game on android?

I gonna follow u lol



Wait,so we cannot play on ios or android? Cause my computer is gonna kill itself

Wait is this on android or ios? Can it work on android or ios?

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What exe app do we need for this app?

I mean honestly nothing hurts my tablet

Shut up and give respect!

Yea btw Emirates are you on tablet?

I don't have anti virus and imon tablet what could happen on tablet?

Yea agreed

Yea oh and BTW I have went on Emirates before

Its ok we are teens

Ok thanks for that cause I  downloaded and those stupid antivirus stuff are trying to make money don't traut them

I have not played it but its going to be good

I will once my exam is done

Sire sirol pls report him to hell lmao

This is taking a lot of timeeee !! Can't wait its past 14 to 15 Feb its been sooo long but take your time. Don't rush have some time to anything. Hope you release the map soon bye

Reported sire sirol

I wish the airship map will come today 

I think it should come today


Oh I'm only 9

It will be released on a Friday on maybe the 8 of jan