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Try bosca ceoil

Hey it's me the code guy,

Thanks for taking your writing this. You are probably right about the sliding and jumping but as this is my first platformer and we had a time constraint, I couldn't do much experimenting.

The reason for the dash sound playing in one ear is hilarious. I made that sound myself and deleted the right channel at one point. However I didn't notice because my right earbud stopped working on that day and none of my teammates mentioned this for whatever reason. I only noticed after the jam was over and there was nothing to do lol.

Your game is one of my favorites from the jam btw

Love the aesthetics and concept but the game is a bit too hard and confusing

Surprisingly well polished for a game with no thumbnail.

The artstyle combine with the lighting is absolutely beautiful

the game seems to freeze after the first interaction with the npc. idk if this is just my browser or something wrong with the game. cool art tho

Really cool concept. Maybe disabling collision on the followers would have been better? I really want to see a full game from this

i think u used audiostreamplayer2d instead of audiostreamplayer which is probably why music only plays in one ear