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I'm on Windows, so I can just use the Windows sound controls to turn them down. But it would be nice if the volume sliders worked.

Something is wrong with the audio output. I'm at the start where the MC has just made it home, and the rain sound is incredibly loud. Muting all mutes the rain sound, but it doesn't change with any of the audio volume sliders. Did you assign the sound effects to any audio channels?

The part where Frasier throws the remains of an apple at a guard chasing them is honestly one of the most confusing things I've ever read. Couldn't that possibly be told in a simpler way? I feel like it should just be one sentence instead of 3 blocks of text.

I'm sorry if this is going to be really negative, but this update didn't sit right with me from start to finish. I like the way it starts with Xavier's fight. He's cool and I enjoy him as a character. But right after that, it completely derails. I'm confused why nobody between Dorian, Xavier, Shen, or Treat seems interested in watching the other fights. I mean wouldn't it be good to know what they could possibly go up against on another day? Or maybe just to show some more Faded designs to the reader because they've been super cool so far. Instead, it feels like these dudes that have only known each other for like 30 minutes exchange backstories.

Okay then, but why are they so trusting of another? At the start of the story, Dorian is hella suspicious of Xavier despite literally getting saved from certain death by him. But here, he seems to bond with Shen and Treat incredibly quickly. Weird.

Then we get to have a flashback of Dorian's relationship with Alistair, but... why? It's not that complicated. They dated for a bit and Alistair cheated on him. That's a believable backstory, why did it need to be so blown up? And why did it need a CG of Dorian getting cheated on? I know seeing that kinda thing is really traumatizing for people who've actually experienced it, based on a similar situation back in Adastra. But other than it, is it just cheating porn for the sake of cheating porn? And Dorian's looks in it are really weird, too. Isn't he in his early 20s in that scene? He looks like a grizzled dude in his late 30s. It just doesn't fit a young adult before the apocalypse.

And Dorian's talk with the doctor had me scratching my head, too. She's so nice to Xavier and then berates the hell out of Dorian... for what reason again? Because she thinks he's a really bad person despite knowing virtually nothing about him? And again, Dorian is so trusting towards her with their plan despite being so critical of Xavier at the start of the story. It's weird. And it's also weird that the doctor cares so much to berate Dorian but doesn't care at all about the cultist stuff going on.

So yeah, I really enjoyed the previous two updates. Dorian fighting a Faded was cool, and the rewrites of the of the earlier parts improved them a lot. But this update was one big miss for me.

It sounds like you have a solid grasp on how to manage your project and I believe you should follow what you've laid out here. It definitely sounds like the right track to me.

Did something happen with the font? The dots aren't showing up properly in the backlog anymore.

I am a little torn on the new CG art. On one hand, it looks great, but the change in styles going from your art to the new CGs is kinda awkward to me. I also honestly think that your art style is kinda endearing to look at.

Are all sprites going to be reworked? Because now the newer ones are clashing a little with the slightly older ones (like Shun).

This is actually more faithful to the source material than modern Star Trek.

The real novel was the devlog written along the way.

Thanks, I enjoyed my time with CFF.

Even with the change to Diego's neck, his anatomy is still really strange. He has too much belly considering that most of his body doesn't really look fat. He looks like he either has terrible posture (pushing his belly forward) or is actually pregnant.

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Sound settings don't work. Even if I turn down the volume in the menu, it neither saves or nor applies it ingame. Also the menu is kinda busted in general, try, for example, opening the sound menu and then pressing enter.

The option to hold him like an ice cream cone is bugged (line 222).
Please fix, having this option is paramount.

Oh, sure, but the start of the game is a little violent for that. Swallowing large amounts of water is dangerous and makes one feel sick, so I'm worried about the MC's health, yo.

I wish this had a better hook to start the story. Finding someone stranded on a beach is a weird situation to immediately go "I'm gonna sign you up for a school" rather than "I'll bring you to a hospital".

I'm digging this, but I really feel like the default text could really use some better formatting. Having 4 lines of bigger text would be great, the potential 7 lines of tiny text that can hit you early on are a bit much.

I'm up to read more with these characters. And also to find out if they're playing on normal difficulty or brutal. 🤔

So any news about development or when it might release?

Oh my god, Eina looks like she could bite my hands off. Like... clean off.

Eddio is still occasionally posting news on his personal twitter ( He's basically reworking the prologue, creating assets and adding more of the planned characters into it. Just be patient, stuff is still happening.

A true piece of art.

Releasing a Shoichi update early to avoid dozens of thirsty comments about it. Good thinking there, WOTB.

There is an official one but it is restricted to patreons.

Why are these people so bad at bowling? I'm pretty casual and even I can do anywhere between 120 and 150.

I appreciate the glass-crushing effort when posting new updates. :P

Ader was too hot for his own good.

I don't know, but would this be a proper sports anime if the power of love and friendship doesn't prevail?

Nope, it's not that far yet.

Speaking of that, day 6 (Shoichi) is mostly inconsistent with what Yuuichi is supposed to be wearing.

And one thing I always wanted to mention is that when praising Shoichi on day 9, his sprite stays gigantic.

The party was added this update, so you shouldn't miss that when doing Shoichi's CS events. Jun's were last update. Are you sure you're on the latest version?

As for choices, they don't make a big difference as of yet. But you do get bits of different dialogue depending on what you choose. You might want to try different options if you're interested.

Yes, Shoichi only has 3 CS (heart) events. The other characters have a couple more because for Shoichi, it really doesn't take that long for you (Yuuichi) to get on his good side.

0.17 is the latest version.

Uh oh. Now people who kept asking about more Shoichi updates will do so with even more increasing fervor.


Depends on your time zone. WOTB is usually on time releasing the public versions but it might be late evening/next day for you.

You can find recent news on his tumblr page.

I've learned a lot more about tennis from this than EA.

Hey there. I'm getting an exception in the new update.

Exception: Parameter 'new widget' is not known by ATL Transform.
CS_Jun7.rpyc, line 268

Can't look into the file because you have hidden them from plain sight but it looks like the scene change there is somewhat broken.

Anyway though, thanks for the new stuff. I really appreciate your work.

I'm a bit curious though, are you advertising this at all? Or at least getting the word around? I'm surprised I've never heard anything about this even though you've been working on it for a while. In my opinion your first two chapters are easily good enough to show off a little bit and maybe get some more people following.

Not sure what I'm getting myself into here, but I think I wanna follow this along for its ride.

This is probably the prettiest VN I have ever seen.

I'm kinda excited for this project, I really like the heavily cartoonish artstyle. The various expressions and scenes so far look great. I'm curious to see where this one will go.