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I liked it!

This is awesome!



This was great! I loved the multiple endings aspect; it caught me totally off-guard. Deceptively simple horror game, totally recommend ^_^

See title; Can't wait to see what y'all cook up! ✞✞✞

Just started playing. I love it so far! I haven't been this tense playing a fps game since my last Doom 3 playthrough o_O

I thought this had a really cool atmosphere! Very tense and spooky driving around and investigating.

Just wait.


I liked it! I thought it was a really eerie and tense experience.

I liked it! 

Good stuff, also darn you for that mystery option lmao

Very cool!

I liked it!

She gave her reasons privately so I'm leaving it to her if she wants to publicly give her reasons or not.

Who's gonna tell him

This looks awesome!

This was cool; I like how claustrophobic it is

Helltown community · Created a new topic I just wanna say

I played this game a few years ago bc it was part of a bundle I was in and I really liked it!


Awesome game.

Gévaudan : 1851 community · Created a new topic Cool game

I got to play this at GDC and thought it was really cool!

I fcuking love this game. Awesome work

I was the director; Molly actually did her own game design and TorpleDook put it all together in engine!

lmao WHAT

I thought it was cool! It gave me some real nostalgic vibes.

Freakin awesome :O

You've done it again Vidas ^_^

Dang I wanna play this!


I liked it! I'm excited to see what you come up with in the future.

lmao you've done it again, nice work :D

I'm loving it so far, would be great if I could click on the previous folder/door in the directory path (door > door > door > door) to go back to the previous room. 

I loved this game. The dog sled mechanics were so cool. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

I really liked what little I got to play!

I liked it!

This game is amazing

This should be fixed in the latest update!