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Go market your shit somewhere else. 

FAITH was developed in Game Maker Studio but really this style is achievable in most engines. 

Thank you 😊

A Steam release is in the works!

Pretty cool!

The Deluxe version lets you continue from your last save after quitting/exiting the game. It also has the "Lantern" and "Flashlight" modes, a bonus demon, and bonus lore to read.

Yes it is!

Send me an email!

^ title ^

Thank you for your kind words!

Hi, if you pay more than $1 when you click "Download" on the game page you should be able to choose FAITH Deluxe to download.

Are you sure this comment is for FAITH?

I'm working on it!

Please email me about this issue!

Please email support about this issue!

Hi! If you're playing on Windows, your Operating System will treat applications is doesn't recognize as a virus. As long as you download the files from this site, you're okay.

Go see the movie!

Thanks for the info! In the future, please email me about bugs/crashes/technical issues.


The .exe without the "windowed_" prefix should play at fullscreen.

Howdy! There is an optimization patch in the works that should dramatically decrease memory load at startup. Stay tuned!

Awesome game!

Gotta watch the movie to find out ;)

Thank you! And I will!

Nope. There’s a reason why the crucifix is white. 

Psh "finale"? You didn't even get the secret ending

First again! Thanks for playing amigo :D

Thanks for playing!

It's hard to say. For the development platform I used, it's really complicated (and expensive) to port FAITH to mac. I'll look for an easier way, but for now it's not in my plans atm. Have you tried something like Wine?


Howdy! Send me an email: airdorf<at>gmail<dot>com. This is an issue that usually happens with Windows 8 users.

The note explaining the ritual hints at what happened to one of the characters. Congratulations on finding it!

I used software that was literally developed in the late 1970s. The real deal.

Gotta grab that FAITH Deluxe Edition! It lets you save/load after quitting the application.

It IS in the game, and it's really easy to find. But I don't think anybody's found it yet!

Bless, you, child!

Thanks for your kind words! Maybe I'll include the music in the next soundtrack ;)

Send me an email -> Airdorf(at)gmail(dot)com. We'll find a solution :)

Send me an email -> Airdorf(at)gmail(dot)com. We'll get to the bottom of this :)

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it! Also, kudos for beating the boss so quickly :D

Look around outside some more! Follow the different paths in the woods.