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i recently played cya later, and honestly this just really sets in about how real this experience is. this is something that happened to you, and there were things that happened afterwards. Well done, man.

omg he's wearing a little chefs hat omggg

omg... melvin... the skrunkly...

pants :DDD oh man i was giggling the enitre time 10/10 love that 

i have no clue man i just was very spooked

lets go! 975 after bouncing around for like 30 minutes! little man got the jumps!

cya in 41 years ill be waiting friend :)


i am in love with your kitties. they are the best boys, and  batou has the stomach of a god. continue on with you milkshake adventures, little man!

ahhh! its so cool! really frustrating but i love it <3!

good ending! (barley) haha laughed at that. like a nervous giggle. a chuckle if you will.

ohhh, deeply unsettling! love it :)


hey so in this passage:

"Using their knowledge of the sciences and their supposed loathing for the other party, they constructed something never seen before.

Ever-burning flames. Fire that would never go outl, even when doused with water or choked of air.

With hate and impossible remorse, both sides set out to make the other party's life like a living hell."

there is a typo!

jump jumpp jumpp jum p jumpjumpjjump-

i do not like the letter "j"

"c" used to be my least favorite, but now it is "j"

"j" is shit

dude. i couldnt move for a bit.

eh its really old, and pretty abandoned, so that's expected :'D

ah, ok. the best kind then.

what kind though


gawd dayum look at that fella :floshed;


i say this in the most love-filled, authentic way, but this game infuriates me. keep up the good work.

Aw! I loved this game!

gooose! hi :D 

ima good bean no bad

aaaaaa this is so good! love it! :)

holy cow

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What did you use to create this?

Yes. :)