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Mmm  TSR5 link actually downloads TS4 I think there is a mistake.


How do I raise my corruption up to 5? It is currently just 1

Let me check it :D


Uh...well the thing is that first you need to prevent your Route option from Dying, then you HAVE TO save Benson in order for the real route to continue. Not all of the routes are currently long, I think the ones where you can advance the most are Ty's and Dean's.

Sorry I don't have any Pm on facebook

Sure, Pm in or leave me a message at my facebook "Aion Roxas"

I'm really not used to using You can... Pm on Facebook, my user is Aion Roxas, my profile pic is an image of the Milky Way

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Exactly, the game does have easter eggs, but according to the actual storyline, I would say that there is 1 password for each character that you wish to save, so we have 1 for Benson, Ty, Dean etc.....


You need to find 2 passwords in order to save Benson, remember that saving Benson is the key of being able to move forward in some of the currently avaible routes, such like Ty's and Dean's. The first password will allow certain conversations to take place, where a keyword will be repeated, that's the one that will allow you to save Benson. 

Again... you don't actually need all of the passwords. Just focus on the character whose route want to play. Like Ty.... YES I FUCKING LOVE TY LOL.

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Guys, if it will help to keep your interest and attention on this game I can help anyone that needs the password or passwords that I have unlocked. I mean if you are just interested in the story but have no time to invest into finding out what the passwords are, PM me.  This game is not for everyone, as not everyone likes solving puzzles, but many people I know, loved this game and story, just that were really stuck and could not find the passwords no matter what and in the end they would just abandon this great VN.

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Hey I was wondering if there are any plans on redoing Sissel's frontal sprite. His body seems too slender when seen from a frontal view in comparison to other sprites of him where he seems bulkier.... Just wondering as from moments he looks like a cutie twink but then he seems a badass top LOL. I'd rather he was the second though LOL, I love his route sooo much but sometimes I feel he's a kid or a 14 years old teen, and that makes me really uncomfortable LOL.

Great vn by the way, definitely one of the best from around here.

Also also, I don't know if this has been asked already but, any plans on adding a Hershel route? Or at least some.... interesting cg of him? 

Well those look great! This will improve the playing experience sooo much

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Ok first of all great work Grizz as this is such a great furry vn, I specially love Tyson route , my absolutely fav character. Kudos for being able to manage and achieve a good balance between, mistery , romance and sexual themes, at first playing this feels like any other furry vn until you realize the plot won't be about a super sexualised bunch of characters that only want to fuck with the Mc  making it absolutely so obvious by constantly puking sex innuendos out  and lewd flirting , this vn doesn't feel that cringy at all. One tiny little detail I might complain about are the sprites of the characters, specially Tyson's, what I mean is that his body for example when seen from a frontal of point is kind of disproportionate compared to the  CGI where his body can be seen from other angles, this is even more noticeable when you compare it to the car CGI.This vn is of course still in very early stages of development so I know for sure it will just get better and better.

Now there's something that's been bothering me for a while.... and that is the attitude some players are showing towards those who still can't find the way of saving Benson. Some people in the comments are complaining about how is it possible for players to be so dumb when the answer is so clear... well NO, I have to say that of course this vn isn't the most fucking difficult game ever made, but the password that allows you to save Benson is not that obvious either. In fact some players are claiming that the "word " is constantly being repeated by all of the characters, well that is some big BS. Now, you want to save Benson? Pay attention to the dialogue of course, but dont expect for the characters to be constantly repeating a KEY word that it will finally end up acting as a subliminal message so that you are conditioned to guess the password LOL, it is indeed a key word and it is an important one, but it is not THAT OBVIOUS AT ALL, in fact there are many more words that the characters are constantly repeating and that would make more sense for one of those to be the actual password if the premise of "THE PASSWORD IS A WORD THAT IS BEING CONSTANTLY SAID BY THE CHARACTERS " were true. 

So please people that have saved Benson, stop trying to make new players or those that still haven't figured out how to save Benson feel as if they were tards. 

PS: Btw if you like the storyline so much then you must absolutely play the ZERO SCAPE  trylogy of japanese visual novels.