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This game is worthy of every uwu

I absolutely love all of the characters, and the art is adorable! I'm especially appreciative of the option to be ace :')

This is an absolute masterpiece; thank you for making it!


Hello! I haven't played much of the game yet, but everything I have seen is wonderful. However, I believe I've found a problem. I'm on the second day when they're leaving the island (my party is Bemelle, Lu, and the Guide), and after I choose to fight my way through the Nix in order to make it to the bridge, there's a bit of dialogue and then it abruptly goes to the main menu. There isn't an end screen or anything, so I assume that's not supposed to happen. Is this a bug?

Hi, hello, if you don't mind my slight intrusion here, I would like to say that this game is absolutely fantastic and if you're on the fence about it, I say definitely play it ♥

This demo is absolutely amazing, and I cannot wait for the full game to come out! Ahhh, I would give Junoru my hand in marriage (haha). But seriously, I love every single thing about this ♥