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I LOVED this! Please tell me there will be a full game on this? I'm a great lover of SciFi horror and this was an excellent addition to the genre. Game starts at 19:28

This took me back to how I felt as a child and it seriously gave me the creeps. Excellent example of setting a scene and creating an intense atmosphere without the need of cheap jumpscares. Game starts at 11:51

Okay this really freaked me out! Definitely play this if you hate being chased but love being scared LOL. First game of the video

A perfect example of a horror game. Great graphics, a creepy story to uncover and a scary chase LOL. Excellent work :) Game starts at 13:44 

An incredible experience as always. Stefano never fails to shock and amaze :) A must try for any horror fan. Game starts at 3:56

I'm really looking forward to see where this game goes. It already has a great creepy atmosphere and looks to be promising. First game of the video :)

This game presents a real challenge :D I didn't manage to beat it but I won't stop trying LOL. I love how this includes elements from 3 different games. An awesome game! Game starts at 22:07

I played the Asylum map and it is tough! A thoroughly enjoyable game :) Game starts at 13:44

This is one of the best I've played :) I can't believe the devs did such an amazing job in such a short time. Hours of fun and scares! First game of the video.

The jumpscares are great but seriously... the sounds effects are amazing. Great work! First game of the video ☺️

This was so creepy 😳 I love that even the menu screen gave me chills! Game starts at 27:28

Very cool game. I loved the suspense in trying to find a 'match' with the countless floppies LOL. And that ending :O gave me a nice jumpscare. Game starts at 8:06

I love how different this game is! What you hear can be so much creepier than what you see and this really took me by surprise :) First game of the video.

I've never had a horror game scare me and make me feel sad 😥 Excellent game! Sound and graphics are great. Really good build up in story..I loved it 😀 Game start at 16:00

I loved how different this game was to others I've played. It would have liked it to have been a bit more challenging but I really enjoyed it none the less 🙂 Game starts at 09:30

This looks so realistic! Super creepy vibe 😱 Thoroughly enjoyed 😀 This is the first game of the video 👍

This game terrified me! Such an amazing atmosphere created by the devs. They never fail to creep me out. I cannot wait to see what the next episode has in store already :)

Awesome. Thanks for the heads up ☺️

This was incredibly fun to play. I always enjoy point and click but this one even more so. There's a great creepy build up of tension throughout but some other spooks whilst waiting for 7am would have been good. Great job :)

I loved this! Very well done and cannot wait to play the next chapter :)

An excellent game that had me wanting to beg for more! I wish this was a longer experience but that would be the only thing I would change. One of the best I've played :D

I enjoyed this. I felt really uneasy when answering the questions.

I knew there was a reason I hated cleaning lol. Cool game, the monster was pretty scary.

Very cool game. I didn't think I'd ever get away with it but persistence is the key lol. Thanks for a great game.

This was pretty creepy. Do you really know who your working with?! 

Corpsepile has a certain way of making the player feel uncomfortable and they've done it again lol. Thanks for creeping me out yet again :)

This game is going from strength to strength and continues to add more layers of creepiness to what was already a disturbing experience. I cant praise DarkStone Digital enough for this. Crazy good!

Good game. Those spider things are pesky little buggers! 

I love VHS style games and this did not let me down. Great atmosphere

That maze really freaked me out! Great game

I enjoyed this but I quickly became numb to the jump scare. I liked that you had to figure out how to progress to new  loops rather than just opening a door to carry on. Good work dev.

So not scary in the slightest but loads of  fun.  I would have loved it if a jump scare was added if you guessed wrong though lol. It's a unique game none the less and I really enjoyed playing.

I played this due to reading good reviews and I for one am not disappointed. Can't wait to experience the full game :)

Another great game. I see a huge improvement since The Book and I love that it features in this game :) Thanks again Max Horror!

Loved it! I wish it was a little longer but that's all I would change. It makes you feel incredibly uncomfortable in a very short space of time. Well done dev.