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Hey, just wanted to weigh in and say this is really good and it looks very promising! Congratulations for releasing not only a cute, functional first game (big step, yay!), but also an interesting original concept! As other said, this could become a great full-fledged puzzle-platformer if you want to keep working on it. Cheers!

Very impressed by this alpha! This is overall very cute and statisfies an old craving of mine. Obviously you people are putting your heart in this and that's so cool, it's a niche game in the best of ways! I'll be looking forward for more with delight :)

Also, I know it's bound to become a Tycoon/management game but pleaaaaase keep the sandbox aspect too as an extra mode or something, it feels great to be able to just design one's dream resort without limitations. Not saying it should be the main mode or anything, but that's already a strength in the game as it is ;)

This is very cool! The visuals really bring back to mind Moebius' 'ligne claire' style. Great atmosphere, nice puzzles for a game jam entry. I'm definitely looking forward to playing more from you guys!