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After playing the first level I'm really happy to see  game where you stepped out of your comfort zone, good job!

The graphics are very nice and I like the idea, but the execution isn't too great. The FOV is way too zoomed in and there are a lot of bugs, I phased through a couple of walls. A warning about having your sound on might be nice too. This isn't a bad idea - far from it, but its waaaay too ambitious for a game jam.

Fun game! I like the physics and how the environment is slowly destroyed over time, however the game felt like it lacked a goal. It has some re-playability since you can play a few times to destroy everything, but after that you have to try to make goals for yourself or the game becomes a little lacklustre. Maybe the goal could be to survive "x" minutes while avoiding as little destruction as possible, or maybe the other way round? Fun tech demo, enjoyed destroying the buildings. 

Liked the fact that you included a little story on the main menu! I feel as though the gravity on the jumps should be turned down a little since it would fit with the theme and you feel a little heavy as it is. It would also speed up the gameplay as for some jumps you have to sort of just stand there and wait for the boots to recharge. Fun platformer ^^

Fun game with nice mechanics! Only criticism is that the stars in the background are the same colours as the errors that you have to repair so it can be a little hard to notice them sometimes. Fun game, my favourite of all the black flag games.

The game has a tendency to spawn you in a blocked off area