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Have a nice well deserved rest Lime :) 

It looks great!

Amazing idea!

Congrats Lime on this great achievement! Cheers to many more inspiring and breathtaking updates <3

You really do raise the bar very high

Assets like these allow even small creators to look very professional. Amazing stuff Lime!

To leave rom for improvement and learning ;D

Wow, it makes a huge difference

I can only imagine :D

Thanks for the response

Duuuuuuuude, that's a lot of naming :DDD

Could you share why do you create seperate files for every tile

Amazing! This pack completes your pack collection <3

Happy holidays! :)

50th update for the metropolis! Its becoming MEGAtropolis :) Nice work as always Lime! 

Hope so! :D

Amazing news!

Amazing chopper!

Get well soon, LimeZu! Let's hope that the 100th update will come with you feeling perfect :)


The lake updates were such a beautiful work! They add so much to this asset and the future games. Talking about the trees, they are amazing! Some birds, butterflies or bugs could make the forest scene so alive! 

Awesome news! So happy to hear that you are doing well :)

Have a nice summer holiday, LimeZu! I hope it will give you time to fully rest your arm and let you dive into creating more awesome assets! :)

Ayyyyyy! Happy 50th update Lime! Cheers to many more :)

Amazing details, Lime! :)

Maybe some pot holes and damaged pavement, yellow marking lines could be added? I believe it would add the detail to break up the even ground. Like you did with the garden details

PS. Loving the updates! <3

Third time the charm eh? :D Amazing animations Lime!

The wheels on the bus go round and round :)

Yayyy! The dream came true! "Such a cool artwork :D Even the tree parts could be used on their own!

Omg, that would be so cool! :D Maybe an idea for the mini helloween update :)

Let's use that trampoline to launch us to infinity and beyond or to more awesome daily updates!

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Solar powah! :DDD These panels could be added to the big houses too!

If we talking about backyard activities, could we expect a tree house? 😏

Happy Easter! :)

Such a lovely house with all the details!

PS. Congrats with the 25th update already! :)

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Superb updates! Little details make such a difference!

Amazing! Keep up the great work and keep yourself safe :)

Amazing progress Lime! Loving the updates :) How is your wrist?

PS.  Some ideas for more interesting buildings: pillars for the first floor, archways to go through the buildings to the other side or inner yards, house walls made from 2 or 3 contrasting/coplimenting colors!

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!"  Welcome back, Lime! We missed you so much! 

Sad to hear that the healing process is so slow... :(  We wish you all the best! Can't wait to see all your ideas!

 PS. This community is really something amazing :D

We wish you all the best, LimeZu! Let's hope you will comeback even stronger and healthier :D

PS.  Those assets look cool! Maybe single animated wheels for the scissor lift and tractor could be a simple yet useful addition!