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This is a fantastic little game. Easy to understand. The rules are incredibly evocative, the art and presentation is cool, and it feels easy to hack and adjust. It is dripping with flavor for helping you build a very lightweight and easy to run adventure for exploring horrible dark secrets lurking in a quiet town. 

Only complaint is technical, 250mb is gargantuan for a 36 page pdf and it lacks bookmarks or other features. Hardly a reason not to buy the game though, because the system is very cool.

Doing 1B for the first time and I jumped into the heart instead of dashing into it. This caused the heart acquired animation to play as normal, but instead of completing the level, I was moved back to the start of the room as if I had died or collected a cassette tape. Moving back to the final area, the heart was gone. Quitting to the menu showed the level never being cleared.. 

Fixed by replaying the end of the mission and dashing into the heart normally. 

Genuinely a fun and interesting game. Thank you for making this.

Downloaded via itch app and could not get the NPCs to work. Most would not respond, some would have dialog boxes appear for an instant before immediately closing.