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dam this game is funlvl100


great work could use some lag reduction on the second level

holy mother of frames, thats alot of... stuff

if you press up and w at the same time then you will get doubble speed. same for turning and reverse, its perfectly ballanced.

i feel like you could put these songs in a story. I wonder what it could be?

Its Among Us: Single Player not Multiplayer. Play Among US for multiplayer

man you got the stendo' nightclub

god dam is this game annoying I tried to enjoy it but the small space, janky snapping, and shapes swaping between adjacent rings inffuriates me. I would love to see an update to this game that gives you more space to work with (use full screen), some form of GUI that shows where the tracks will end up and what it will be connected too, and I would love it if shape coliosons woulndt cause a trafic jam or just change the direction of flow for each circle.


Once you know what upgrades are out there and the ones you want you are able to consitantly survive. I wish there was an endless mode so that I can create the ultimate survivor.

I have just now beten the horse/deer boss for the first time and I would like to retract the statment that it is hard. It is hard until you beat the demon stag and than it is pure fun. Especialy with a fulsade-reaper-pyromage-run and gun crossbow with rage. very fun and when it started to lag it appeared that the final boss was the game agaist my potato based computer.

I think a good idea for excess money is upgrades for the avatars and the wepons. Things like faster reload for the shotgun, larger clip for the pistol, more piercing for the crossbow, and extra damage to the flame cannon. There could also spend the currency for regenerating life in the heat of battle or pay for a reroll of stats. It would help generate a greater sense of progression ingame. Oh and also I have an idea for a expermental mode where you can test out wepons, charaters, and upgrades and see what synergize best. It's difficult to do that in the heat of battle.

Fun a level editor would make this worth like 15-35 bucks

Love this game



I like this its a somewhat popular game that you never knew was a free one

I think a sequel or a level maker would actually bring in money

Great game but if there was a way to change the orbit and dash to keys would be great for laptops.

this game is very well done you guys should consider steam

its right click

how do i rocket jump like the bots do