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This was a really fun game!

I found one in a crack in the wall, through the basement route of red's treehouse. Another was in the forest at the very beginning, by pointing the "secret" arrows up and right. The last one was in the faucet in the river section (outside the goldfish house)

WAIT NO if you give three of them to the shadow girl you get a doorknob

ok thanks

this is a really cute game

What do the doorknob fragments do? I managed to get three but they disappear after you go through the door

HECK YEAH im so excited for this

how is this almost four years old

I got 8 boats
it took way too long to figure out you could split them up again

very cool game loved it very much

also with star power you can phase through the spike wall and with some patience jump up over the top of the map and fall forever lmao

great game, cool designs and music and stuff
my best score was around 1600

i dont know where hearts come from specifically if its like a small chance from many different objects or if its only one object like the cereal box powerup

if someone knows could they tell me?

Very fun game and the best one I've seen so far

Controls are a bit finicky but it was pretty fun
Diagonals and tile throws are the play

woah this is very cool

Very cool game

im gonna keep grinding

very cool game

but there is a bug for the levels without people

you can just go back on yourself after the first move and eat your tail

If you complete a level with one second remaining you restart the level

seems like a small bug

really good game! the music is very well done

and wow the ending

also the secret mode is so hard help

cool game but the roller pig dude is practically invincible, the bug summon one is very hard to use, and maybe add some quality of life changes to the tomahawk rat (like two or three in total or autoretrieve)

you dont have to do the rat changes as it could be some challenge run thing but very cool concepts

amazing game

also you can clip through two diagonally adjacent blocks if you are in the corner and are trapped by one of those toggle blocks, it can be used to glitch to the piece on the fourth piece of the second puzzle

very cool game

this game is amazing

I dont know what some of the things do but its still super cool

(1 edit)

Too scary for me

I couldn't will myself to play so I watched someone else and STILL had a heart attack


edit: why does the binary translate to "soccerfield"

Great game
wish they had faster elevators
that intro scene is long

Made it 33 minutes because of a horde
had enough materials to keep going tho
but seriously there was like 20 rock snowmen or whatever the gray ones are

I had found it a few years ago but I couldn't find it since

I have no idea what I'm doing at all
I know you can drag them and click them and stack them under the lens but that's it

I don't know anything about the scoring, but the interactions are cool
The stone, the ice, and those other things are cool

Hey is this out? It looks cool

cool little game
i'm gonna have to write down what these do so i'm still LITERATE

I didn't know I needed this until I had it

That's really cool!

This game is really fun!
I remember playing it a while back...

This is really cool!

hehe yes

is it possible for an in-browser version?