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Aidan Whitney

A member registered Jul 24, 2018

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Seems good, the problem is that the AI seem to consistently have better cards than you. Even if you play your cards perfectly, you'll still lose a lot of the time.

How do I open RAR files?

Jeez, calm down man.

wikiHow to spoil entire game in the DOWNLOAD PAGE FOR THE FRIKN GAME.

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Very good! I liked the point-and-click style, and the FNaF-esk minigames were a nice break from the spoopy point-and-click action. I feel like the one part with the doctor chasing you could be improved upon by making a puzzle instead of a guessing game. Also, minigames have WAY to much sensitivity. Other than that, great game! 

Free will is a disease.

Wait... You're the guy that made Ravenfield!

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I have an idea. Make this VR, and you have to take care of each slime, finding fruit and going around. The more you feed a slime, the bigger it gets. you can also breed slimes, getting a random mix of both slimes traits onto a new slime. You can play with a slime if it likes you, doing things like playing fetch and riding the slimes. Just a suggestion. You can continue the game however you want. Or of course, you could just end it off with a nice and relaxing 8-bit photography simulation game. :)

I really enjoy this game. Got some good pictures that would make good desktop backdrops. Also think it would be cool to give slimes different expressions.