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This is incredible! I used the left menu button mode where it tilts your view--I have to say: I usually experience nausea in flight games, but I actually experienced it the least here! Good work! I think the effective resolution increase (by shaking the camera a lot) has something to do with this. Only very mild nausea that's going away as I take a short break.

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Very unique idea, or I at least haven't seen this type of thing before.

Thanks for the linux port!

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If you're able to run this on Linux let me know.
If you have advice for getting this to work on Windows (I attempted to do so for 4 hours) then please, please let me know. Windows is a very foreign ecosystem in terms of development for me, so the struggle was real.

Also if you have trouble running it, please let me know.

Wow. What an awful time for Scratch to go down.

That sucks. Luckily it's only for an hour.

This is frustrating because it's harder than it looks like it should be. The whole thing seems like it was designed to confuse you, especially changing the key ever time and pressing it 7 times to transfer the charge...

Definitely a cool game idea with cool music and graphical effects! The concept could definitely work in a full game.