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Loved this game! it focuses on more of the build up and executes it just right! BEST Backrooms game that is out right now!

Loved the Concept! I played V0.4 and although there are newer updates, i really enjoy the game! It was different from the other back room games and thats what appealed to me!

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This game kept my attention and it was very interesting! I went through a lot of emotions with the entity while playing this game! I didn't want him to leave so soon 😭 Great concept,  great acting, and good atmosphere!  Check it out on your own!

I had TON of fun playing this game! It's short and offers good jump scares! This game has a lot of potential if  they add- on to the game with various level and things to do (finger's crossed).

It's a MUST try game! 

Oh yeah! I can't wait! Haha.  And I do agree! It's way better and scarier than Baldi's! You got a follow from me Awecom! 

This game was SUPER fun! The jump scares got me hard and kept me on edge! However, you can beat the game too easy once you figure out how to work the game. Nonetheless, It was time worth playing and if they update the game with a patch to make it more challenging, it will only add to the experience!

Keep it up! Cant wait to see more!

Sophie was definitely a fun experience! If your looking for a short game with a decent amount of jump scares, this is the game.  I would love to see more jump scares and potentially more room! I can only hope! 

Good work to the creators! ❤

Sophie wa

Bunky Halloween edition! The latest update to the game! And since it's Halloween, why not upload it today??

It's definitely a fun game with lots of random scares!

Here's my video of Error #54! Hopefully you'll enjoy this PT styled game as much as i did!

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Hey everyone! I decided to give this game a try and it was well worth my time!! Thank you to the creator!!

If your interested in some gameplay here are my videos! 

Also Part2 is gameplay of hard mode!