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please how do u do it ,, i need to know so i can make somfin great too !

gosh this is such a good game , i keep finding myself replaying it every couple months or somfin, i just keep coming back to these great characters and story! like, the one bad thing about it imo is that you cant have all the endings marked off at once which like , in the context of the endings that dont let u,, it makes sense but it just annoys my dumb completionist brain a lil... but then again i could just be wrong and there was some sort of other way out of those two? anyway, aside from that this is a heccin wonderful game hehe

this is genius ,, not even joking, its a good way to make me actually do stuffs i need to do

ok for some reason every time i open the game, instead of actually working, it just stays on a black screen forever. once i left it open for around a half hour and it still didnt do anything ,, i really want to play this game but it simply wont work. please tell me if theres a way i could fix it or something

oh my gosh , this is such a good book. its so sad yet upbeat,, i cant describe how good it its. tho, as like all the other comments say, seriously keep in mind the content warning. gosh this book gets intense near the end,, but golly gee this thing pulled it off well. this book is just fantastic and id recomend that if youre at all interested in it, give it a try