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=) so looking forward to reading this again.  One of my favorites here on Itch.  Your writing and characters are amazing.

Wow, talk about a great time to check out what's new and or updated on Itch =) 45 mins after a new update releases =)  Please let me know if you are working on any new or similiar projects to this one.

I really enjoyed this VN alot!

look forward to reading through again and checking out the changes,  47k extra words is not a minor edit.  I swear this story grows on me more and more every time I read it.

Thanks for sharing, honestly it was pretty awesome.  It was serious enough to be considered adult, and yet fun enough to remind me that sometimes being an adult sux!


yeah not for me I think.  Too many forced characters, that apparently if you dont interact with leads to the character dying =/  I dont like railroaded fake choices, and Im no fan of no warning game over bits either.

AO = Adult Only =)  sorry for the short hand.  I'm really happy to see you growing as you create!  I think this VN is going to be a real hit.

its cute and I liked that, but I was also a bit confused as to who the MC was and why he was there and what he was doing.  All questions to be sorted out as the story progresses Im sure.

Look forward to reading more and figuring out whats really going on (the colour change bit was new and different, I liked it!)

Very much what I expected from a Male Doll game.  a vulnerable MC, lots of bara LIs, honestly from an AO perspective Male Doll always delivers.  Still I'd like just a bit more character development and plot.  If we could ever get an A class writer on the staff to go with the people who already know how to throw just the right kind of AO content as us, games like this could really be mold breaking!  Still just from the demo Id have to say this is the best game I have seen from Male Doll to date.  Look forward to buying it!

seriously happy to see you have updated this,  I kept running into bugs in the previous build, but it was so fun I kept playing it anyways, look forward to seeing whats new / changed

Cute story, at least as far as I read.  I got to where I had to choose and with both of them standing there, I realized IRL I just wouldnt be able to make that kind of choice.  It would be too unkind.  So I simply closed the game, and came here to say thanks for the chance to read it.  Loved the art work, it was a little more realistic(?) than Im used to but it was also very comfortable.

Now that was a good intro, got a feel for the MC and the two LI, as well as some undertones about the world in general.  Definitely look forward to reading more of this!  ty!

Grew up here in Texas, rough arse place to grow up gay.  Literally they drug other gays guys behind pick ups while I was in (hiding in the closet) school.  Cant even imagine a gay Texas Ranger, you got some balls lol hope no one comes for them.

That said your guy definitely looks like a Ranger,.... which scares me lol

quick question, where / is there a new main page?  Dont get me wrong Im happy to follow this sexy guy but Id like to follow the whole story as well, who knows who else we will meet that catches my fancy ; p  Thanks in Advance for taking the time to answer.

So i liked that different dream entities are actually different, in their personalities.  I havnt picked a favorite yet, because Im not sure who / what they really are.  Are they someone we want to work with, or really something that has possesed and ruined our lives (not actually asking, look forward to finding out, just expressing my delima reason I cant choose lol)

I liked the plot so far, though honestly it does seem to leave the MC adrift, whether he signs up all the way and considers things his duty, or whether he would rather just ignore it all and let someone else handle it, you are definitely left with the impression that they are not enjoying their position.

But my only serious complaint would be with the captain / commander character.  They are seriously disrespectful, and honestly I'd either dismiss them on the spot, or on a bad day, just toss some purple lightening at their chest too and be rid of them.  Im nearly certain that is not going to be an option though, But will there be any option to move through the rest of the story without them constantly commenting on how your not good enough / not doing it right / lazy for letting others do things etc.  I hate back seat drivers =(

Its all good, in the end its your story to tell, so tell it how you want to.  There's always more out there for those of us who dont get it.  Had a thought cross my mind while reading your response, which is why I bothered to respond again at all.  But, I do find it a bit Ironic that some one with the user name GardenVariety,  is writing something deep and insular.  A garden for one can surely be a beautiful thing, feeding the mind and soul of the one lucky enough to have such a cherished luxury.  But its also a private thing,  meant to be enjoyed by none other than its Owner, certainly not something meant to be sullied by the unwashed and uneducated masses.  

beginning of 2nd chapter I think,  I didnt wait in the library (trying to avoid spoilering) and wound up with someone new, but while the words he spoke were english lol I couldnt puzzle my way through their meaning at all.

reads like some one was reading books on philosophy while watching Alice in Wonderland, and fell asleep amid too much opium incense.  Literally couldnt make heads or tales out of it.

an update that isnt an update, but a re write, in a language 99% of the world doesnt speak.  Good luck with that.  Moving on now....

Awwww Im sad that I was wrong in my take on How the art work came to be the way it is.  But it honestly did have that effect on me.  It really grows on you, and the juxtaposition between the style and the story, imagine for a moment (if your old enough to know what im talking about) Big bird, cookie monster, and the gang taking the places of these characters (aside from a very few and short AOish moments, honestly the rest of the story could work with those characters too.)  They are characters you are comfortable with, and Imagining them having suffered through things, and currently trying to work through such adult situations really just really brings home how heart crushing it is, and how down to earth and legitimately real it is to have these discussions with each other, be there for each other.

Either way Im seriously invested in your story.  The tears are real but they are worth it.

I'm really sorry to hear this, but I understand Real Life doesnt always take us to the places we wanted to go.  If its alright, I think I'll keep what you have released on my computer for now.  Honestly I felt a spark of something special with this VN, that most (even finished / completed projects) never have.  I cant really put my finger on it, other than some how the story called to me long after I read through it the first time.  It was like something waiting in the back of my mind.  A dream waiting to be remembered.... a whisper that beckoned but was too soft to be understood.

I wish everyone who has been involved in this project, brighter days and easier roads.  And I'll hold on to this CouldHaveBeen until its ready to let me go =)

Really enjoyed what I got to read.  Honestly still couldnt quiet figure out what was going on (Im just as lost as the MC, but thats kind of cool, least Im staying In Character ; p)

I was very intimidated by one of the NPCs, was kind of touched that another one went out of his way to look after me when he didnt have to, and really really want to spend time with another one (who doesnt have any scenes yet I guess awwwww)  He totally struck me as my kind a dude!

Anyways Im obviously a fan, thanks for sharing this, and I look forward to any updates you make.  This is sweet stuff (uhm minus the really scarry bits that is!)

Little slow to respond, but I'd just suggest writing your story the way you want to write it.  Everyone's writing style is unique if they have bothered to write enough to "find their voice" in the first place.  That's whats always been great about reading for me.  There is always something new and fresh out there I might just fall in love with, and there's alot out there that obviously means more to others than myself.

Whether its writing or reading, its still an exploration, an adventure that either side can choose to pursue or abandon in favor of another.  You shouldnt worry to much about what others think about your style, there is always going to be someone who doesnt like something, and only too happy to share their "complaints."  The only thing that really matters, is how You feel about it.

So,.. wow.  Really wasnt expecting the story to go where it goes, when I first decided to read it.  My first thoughts were hummm this art work is odd, not sure I like it but maybe the story is good / better.

Then I started reading and right away you can just tell there is alot going with the subtext of all thats not being said.  I was right, I think.  The story really is alot better than the art.   But actually maybe there's a reason the art is the way it is.  With writing this good, there is no way they just settled for "whatever" art could be had at hand.

The story continued to pull me in, and the art becomes "comfortable."  Its like a touch stone, something cute and light to counter the ever growing depths of feelings the story and the characters are experiencing.  But honestly by the end of the currently available content, I realize even the art work isnt enough to keep the tears from rolling down my face.

I have come to the conclusion that the artwork is actually a purposeful facade.  Its meant to lull you into not taking things seriously, into thinking this is going to be something cutesy and fun, so you dont see how deep the water is, until your drowning in the tears.  I'll be honest I found it to be extremely effective.

Thanks =) I'll give it a look!

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Hmm only played through once, and it was alright.  But honestly I felt like it completely lacked direction (especially for the player.)  I had no idea what classes to pick, or what the Houses were and which to pick so I just went with what I would personally pick (healing potions etc) And then I found myself having to randomly pick what to do when I wasnt in class.

When I was in class it always asked me who to approach, but the "images" were so poor I couldnt tell by looking who was who and if I had met any of them.  Honestly with quality THAT low, names would have been alot better, maybe with ???s for people we hadnt met yet.  Anyways I didnt approach any of them cause I dont approach strangers right?

Got the ending you would expect from randomly choosing and avoiding stranger danger, yep FAIL.  5 days seemed too short, lacking any kind of idea what i was supposed to be aiming for made them feel even shorter.  All in All the story could definitely use alot more fleshing out and the UI needs improvements.  Pixel art is all retro cool,... if you can actually make out what the pixels are supposed to be.

I can tell from having read other comments that this game has some serious fans, so there has to be Something to it.  But it really doesnt leave much of an impression on a new persons first play through.

Yep i tend to agree that playing this is going to be the only way to get a decent understanding of the mechanics your using.  TBH  while I love the idea of a VN that has more than a single story to tell (and even better yet multiple ways to traverse any single story) Im not so sure about the whole sliding scales bit.

Gender is a confusing enough issue today as it is, But at least most of us know who we are, what we want and like and what doesnt work for us.  Trying to get a handle on NPCs who have random scales, that then get checked against scales players choose but might not really understand, and then adding randomness on top of that, sounds like its going to lead to alot of confusion, disappointment, and possibly frustration.

Still Im willing to keep a somewhat open mind and see what you do with it.  Good luck!

Hey Scylez, good to see your still updating the game!  I havnt played in a while (when you released the mini map update was the last time i did a play through)  Anyways Its good to see your still active, although I must admit I was surprised to still see you working on this.  For the most part the game seems to have been done for a while.  I was actually wondering If you were working on / planning any new projects?

Either way its good to see you still creating, and yes I still love all your characters (obviously the scallies the most, but I might be biased!)  Best wishes to you!

Ok that was a great intro to the story! Definitely looking forward to seeing more =)

I picked up an earlier(?) version of this game from a link posted in a dischord room I was in, and honestly I really enjoyed the story as far as it went.  Its moody, the MC was believable, full of alot of angst and doubts (completely understandable given the incredible circumstances they find themself in).  All in all Id say Id love to read this again when its finally finished.  My one and only play through left off on something of a cliff hanger, and while that always leaves you wanting more, I also know it will be quiet some time before more is available.  lol and thats killer in its own way.  Highly recommended to anyone on the fence.

thanks for the response and insight.  As I said I knew when i decided to play that it was with a MC that was somewhat preset in their origins, and that I would  not be very comfortable with being that kind of person.  Still I chose to play anyways, because well how can I pass on a chance to play an interactive Arthurian Tale lol. 

Your story really is well written, and I've enjoyed it for the most part.  I simply choose to ignore as best I can all references to my combat abilities / past etc. and focus on the Now part of the game (and i do like some of the characters predefined traits, like enjoying children and animals.)  Its not too hard to do, its like playing an otome and ignoring all references to the MC being a girl.  The mind can leap through alot of hoops when it wants to.

Very excited for you, sounds like you have alot going on!  I've been eyeing some of my less productive creators on Paetron and if they continue to disappoint Im considering moving my support from them to you.  Like everyone Ive got limited funds to contribute to the things I like and Enjoy.  Might as well spend them on things that are actually going somewhere!

wow thanks, you really didnt have to do that, talking about going out of your way for one person.  Really appreciate it!

was a bit bothered reading an unpleasant post here in the comments, and just want to again express my appreciation for this story and its writer.

Ive loved reading tales of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round table since I was old enough to read.  And as much as I loved reading them, I never thought I'd ever get to experience any of the tales the way others did, Imagining myself as the "queen" that Arthur was so In love with, Or as one of the Knights secretly involved with the queen or even the king himself!  This story and another Im following (Bastard of Camelot) have really opened up that fantasy for me.  Not only that but I think each is adding something new to the stories in their own way (as is traditional for every new Arthurian story, something new, or some twist that wasnt thought of before, that makes coming back over and over again to the same characters worth it.)

So again Id like to say thank you for sharing this with us.  I really appreciate your effort and your take on the story.

ugh i couldnt even get a screen shot had to take photo with phone email to self, and then upload as attachment here (yet to do fingers crossed) nope thats not gona work either because of size limit.  really who has file size limits these days (okay at work im limited to 25 mb at a time but still really, 3 mb issssss toooooo smallllllll!)  Anyways for what ever reason Itch and its browser wont let me dl the game to play it.  Looks cool though, so maybe someday when you get far enough along to post a demo to Steam or something Ill get to give it a go.

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yeah its where some one wants to know more about you using a rather unorthodox manner in their lab. lol that really might be spoilerish but yeah they would have to knock me out before tossing me in that cause I so wouldnt go willingly, especially with no explanation.  (I was surprised by it, and even got "mad" at my buddy for going along with it instead of talking the guy out of it, or at least reassuring me it was going to be alright.  When I woke up later in my room and he was there, i just wanted to scream at him for letting that happen, but uhm it doesnt even get mentioned.)

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when i select the orange Download button labeled it brings up the download pop up window but there is no file to choose.  Hitting the red Install button on the itch app does the same thing.  ie there is no file to dl = /  just checked and there is nothing under the mac button either

I've only played through once, but really enjoyed my time playing (Minus one scene where someone forces us to do uhm something, without explanation or choice.  Like Id never let that happen in RL and had a hard time accepting the MC just going along with it.  cant say more without spoilering but Im sure you know what Im talkin about)

Really looking forward to seeing more and checking out the other possible routes available atm.  Thanks!

nope still nothing there to dl = 

Bug #1 there is no down load for windows....