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It can be used per one commercial project.

Thank you, bcdnko! As payment goes through and not directly to the seller, I can't say why this is happening. Perhaps this is due to some Paypal restrictions in the country. But you can contact support for help. 

You can freely use it in commersial and non-commercial projects. The mention of the authorship is optional

Thank you for the purchase, I really appreciate you chose my asset packs! 

Feel free to email me on any subject - ahninniah[@] 

Thank you very much for the feedback! :)

Thank you very much for the feedback! You can contact me via email - ahninniah[@]

Hello! Glad you like it :) Yes, you can use it in commercial project. 

Hello and thank you! Glad you like it! 

>meant that game items pack #1 was included as well?

No, unfortunately, it's just the link to page with the first pack.  

I'll fix the description right away. I'm sorry that it misled you.

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Thank you for your kind words! Answering your question: asset packs can be used commercially per one project.