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Cant wait to see this developed, other than lovely cutie giving me such a delight for a first time trying this out, now i am hooked in by the lore and implications itself too, i wanna see how far the story goes

I wonder if my current phone could handle this if this somehow gets a mobile port, im intruiged by this by a lot

To you and Calishare, you just need to wait, if it dont pop up the warning prompt then something really went wrong

It does have some wholesome bits but im sorry for you getting blindsided by cute critters fucking

Got a sneekin feeling he lowkey Ratatoskr just banging around in midgard heh, sly boi

My game keeps crashing every once in a while especially when i tried to skip thru dialouges and actions, is there a way to resolve this?

Ok can you chill down on that cuz we already got normal wolves pissin on ya so wait for it

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Peoblem for me, i dont get no option to even suck him off since 1, i got lewdness at a 1 fame only n i need his forgiveness to even progress to northcrest, how can i raise lewdness if the whole town sees me as a high regarded personel?

Not even a fucking opt to fuck barkeep or the caravan guards

Wait, we will get to see a flash back to the little calf asterion!??!?!!?!?

Which of these files work for mobile usage n is a app????

For some reason everytime i install (mobile user) it always goes forbbiden, wtf am i supposed to do so i can continue devotion to our lovable wolf husbando???

seems i am not the only one here also long time no see ya handsome bugger

also during the quest line expect to see big alpha werewolf dicks alongside normal werewolf dicks if you went for the naughty path with them

so its not bugged but rather i have to do it in a certain time with all of them in my inventory, fhack me

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Then my ridiculous luck is broken, i found 2 the first time thanks to the big perception levels i had and then got 20 after planting

You finna need lots of sparking seeds lol

Definetly in next update, still hoping for the development on the rat problem quest line, i want to snuggle scrappy and see more of tao x rat king

Say hyao recall about the town expansions, the resupply thing for the more houses event, think its bugged since i have all of the medical supplies (even far more since i have poured lots of points on the stat and get 2 of said per 5 session of making) and the option to restock the infirmary isn't coming out, or i gotta wait a long time to resupply it

you just need to look for him in the forest you would find him, you are not necessarily at a dead end


No you can actually cure him, you just gotta have the antidote and go to his prison cel

While tiendue went for only rousk, is it possible to have a three way with them hyao?