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Thanks for playing and thinking it was special. I hope to take part with something better next time.

Thanks for playing, I'll be happy to hear any feedback/criticism.

Thank you very much, after you send it to me I'll tell you whether I decided to use it or not.

Ah, I didn't notice it was an emulator. Thanks for the images. It looks real, but now after you told me, yeah, it's not actual GB footage.

Can I have your permission to share these images on social media? (I can link to your page if you want.)

GB Pic is really practical... I haven't tried to make sprites in it yet, only backgrounds, but I think it could work for that too! (I can do pixel art, but it's easier to make detailed art the way I did.)

Thanks for the suggestion about music. I can't pay you, and I haven't decided if I really want to have BGM in here, but can I have you as an option to ask if I decided in the future?

Thanks for playing, I appreciate any praise from someone who's not into Pixel art. Glad that you liked it enough to go ending hunt.

I wish to add more relatable scenarios in the future!

Glad it brought emotions out of you~

While I wrote that it's a story about a Tree on the game's page. I tried to make it as ambiguous as possible in the game/story itself until you connect the clues. I always wanted to make a game like this, (with a Tree as the protagnist,) glad this Jam gave me the opportunity.

Thanks for playing~ Glad you enjoyed it.

Glad you liked it... I got emotional while writing it (by the end,) so I'm happy that it touched you~

The drawings were normally drawn in an app, then converted to pixel art via this tool:

Thanks for reading... This one is intentionally linear, though I understand that it might make it boring to some people. Glad you liked the artwork~

Thanks for playing.

Not having audio wasn't much of a choice as I don't have a good experience with sound design nor I have any person to help with making/adding BGM to a GB Studio.

For the graphics, I drew them normally with drawing apps and converted them to GB style pixel art using this tool:

I wish I had a real Game Boy, if it's not too much to ask can you take a photo of any of the screens with characters on them? I'd like to show how it looks in a real Game Boy device to a friend.

Thanks for playing, I hope to add more endings in the future...

But honestly, you shouldn't procrastinate on your dreams! I tried! I don't recommend it!

Thanks for reading, and the reply.

Thanks for playing... It's based on my gamedev life (which isn't the most professional) so no wonder it's so realstic. I hope to add more endings in the future while keeping the paths to each ending short.

Thanks for playing. I was aiming for a short play session.

In my plan to add more, I hope to have more ending while keeping the path to each one short. I also hope to add sounds. The minimalistic aesthetic is something I hope to keep and make more games in this style.

I love the simplicity that comes with fewer colors too... I think the character limits per line when using GB Studio make it perfect for simple Visual Novels. Especially if you find a way to make the Visual part uncluttered.

Happy that you liked Procrastination Simulator.

I was so focused on finishing these drawings on time, that animations never crossed my mind at all... Thanks for this analyisis, and the simple way you suggested to add movement to the rain. I'll see what I can do to improve it.

Post mortem published:

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I try to write this story only in the present tense.

I am happy about the result.

I look around for your comments.

You can't take part in this Jam with Scratch, but I think you should make the game and publish it on anyway. It's a good learning experience for you.

Oh, nice. I'm arabic/muslim from Libya. السلام عليكم

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What if it's my game I'm demaking, and I made the new assets from scratch for the demake?

I hope to make a post-mortem Devlog after I finish my entry, if anyone is interested in, (similar to this one,) being notified of it, let me know.

That's nice. How old are you?

This is a GameBoy Jam, which tool are you using? I believe GB Studio (the easiest in my opinion) is harder to use compared to Scratch.

Thanks... The idea of having a timer was in my head from the beginning, but to make sure I finish the project, I decided to add it later if I was still interested in it. The idea of having stakes never crossed my mind, but you gave me an idea of what I can do for the next version. Thanks for the feeback~

Thanks for coming by. I like that line too~

This reminds me of a short story I created and destroyed years later because of embarrasment. I don't regret it, but I can't help but think of it as I read your book.

I also lost a lot and a lot of my work over the years. I kept as much as I can, but life happens. Cloud didn't exist. Haha~

Glad you tried it... I added the touch support near the end, before that it wouldn't work without a keyboard.

Watched it, I feel honored that you played a title of mine again!

Finished the whole thing in 3 minutes, but they were great three minutes! Good job! A game that leaves me wishing for at least a bit more is a good thing in my book!

That's a nice puzzle game. The fact that it starts so easy to teach you the mechanic and get gradually harder is a good design.

I wished there were more levels like the last 4 as I only faced a challenge in one level out of the whole game! The rest were straightforward "figure out the next step & you win!"

Did I say how much I love the fact it's called "Hearth" and not "Heart?"

True, imagine opening a daily affirmation app from your Nokia home screen. All entries I tried so far of this jam make me wish they were made for the actual nokia in early 2000!

Thanks for checking it out.

Thanks for checking my project out. If you have any form of feedback, (things you liked/disliked/I can improve, don't hesitate to tell me about.)

This is fun to play as it is now, and it could potentially have much more content! Have you thought about having enemies drop stuff?

Reached L-9 and killed a bunch of Skulls before their cousin took revenge on me! In the second time, I walked into slime and died!

The thing that interested me the most in this game is that each time I think I found all it had to offer, it gives me something new, but I guess I saw all of it by my second death. This could potentially become an addictive game, especially if you added both the Bombs (destroyable walls) & Leaerboard.

Some Notes:

(*) I defeated a lot of enemies and they never dropped anything. It'll be cool if they dropped coins or anything. Even a cosmetic item that doesn't do anything could work. But I guess this is not a core feature to think about at this stage.

(*) One time I was spawned only to get another level down. I either spawned on top of the stairs or next to them towards the direction I was walking, I think new stairs should be at least a couple of steps away from any spawn point.

I'm not too into Tower Defense games, but I am into low-rez pixelart games. I enjoyed this one.

It's funny when the peasants look like eating the trees and rocks. Poor trees!

I'm not too into Tower Defense games, but this one isn't bad... I like the idea that you have to send out Peasants to gather resources before you're able to send out the big guys.

By the time I tested it, there was a warning that the game isn't balanced yet, and it shows, but I enjoyed it despite not being a fan of the genre.

This entry made me think how hard making art for the Nokia is, since animations don't look good at some parts because of the Jam-(hardware-)limitations. Due to that, the peasants look like eating the trees and rocks. Poor trees!

By the way, you might need to experiment with's viewport size a bit, it needs to be (a bit) bigger than your game's window size. For now, the screen looks cropped unless I'm using the full-screen mode:

Played many "Flappy Bird" clones throughout the years! This one feels as good to play as the best of them. Great Job!!

I can't believe how polished this one is. I played more than a few "Flappy Bird" clones throughout the years, and this one feels as good to play as the best of them. 

I liked the color switching effect the most, and the fact that the screen direction could move is an interesting gimmick that can change how people play without additional programming!

Can you imagine how much more popular Nokia 3310 would've been if it had this game and it played like this, (I'm not sure if the original hardware could handle all these animations at this speed.) Well, maybe not that much popular because it already had snake.

I had this problem too, but it didn't bother me once I realized where the player character is. I think it's kind of cute and okay considering the screen size.

@madbatgames since main character is too tiny, maybe you make him a bit bigger, but that might make him unrealistically sized compared the building to be worth it. @kimiyoribaka's suggestion is good too, you can show the player character standing on the same place he does at the start on the level, but do so in a way nothing around him for a few seconds before the level starts & the background shows up.