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Yeah, it's frustrating issue to have. Thanks for the recommendation I'll try to check out "Robin."

I think you completed the game. I'm new to bitsy and couldn't make an ending trigger from the dialog.

The game is a  bit slow (I don't know if it's just my browser though.) But it's brilliant game and I like the message... I liked how you get new info each time as you play the same parts over and over.

Wow, the idea of "one per day" is so unique!! (I thought this was a bug at first but reading your description...)

Haha!! Short but funny... Also strangely inspiring...

Sorry I just made the concept of the game.. I didn't make anything after this... I'll probably work on it later.

I didn't post it here to compete or something... just to prove I started this project because of this JAM.

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Thanks, I'll be happy if you spread this game

If you find yourself making excuses to not work on the things you must work on, then you're procrastinating, this can happen to everyone. this game was inspired by an article about dealing with Procrastination

maybe you know things that helps us with dealing with it, I'm waiting for your ideas !!

Salam (peace) to you all.

I made this thread for your feedback on this tiny Interactive Fiction if you have anything to say good or bad, this thread for you.

also English isn't my first language so if you find typos or lines that could've been better I wish you tell me about them to improve my language and make better games in the future.

Hello everyone Thanks for Downloading/Reading "Hand Command".

This thread is for hearing your opinion on this comic, what do you like in it? what do you don't like? any suggestion? something I could've done better? found a typo?

Any type of feedback is welcomed here.