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Nevermind I got it, wacky as hell


By the way, how do you get the fourth ending? I already completed the zombie apocalypse region twice already and explored every corner of the game (don't tell me I have to defeat zeno)

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The creator is clearly talented, and although this game is short and kinda grindy, it has a good (but cliche) story and has new game+ content even after multiple completions.

Well. this was quite the journey.

I believe I've explored everything in the game except the haunted mine and the shady guy in the alleyway, and it was absolute everything I wanted in an RPG maker game.

From the slow and difficult start as a nobody, to the absolute unit you can become as you slaughter the bosses for the bounties, the world building that each character provides, I hoped to see more criminal options, and more jobs when you join the Liongaurd order but I'm satisfied with what I've gotten. This kinda makes me want to play TES Oblivion again.

But overall the game is really small, and I really hope this gets picked up by a studio or something, there is obviously many features and areas that can be easily added if a team worked on it.

9/10 would recommend