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Thnx for your review i will try to make something even better next time and i really enjoyed this community that it was not only me trying to make something  myself  rather had people willing to help and encourage i was really proud of this and hope that i will be remembered ! 


you still made it in time i guess 

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i made most of assets my self  grass was default grass by unity i used just yellowish green  to green gradient and that does it i spend 2 days in making that character in blender and had to animate it i made that house those fruit and other extras so thank you for appreciating my assets 

but i enjoyed doing that and also when i exported game i had some issues when i played it then fixed it and again exported it again some issues you won't believe but i did that 7 times still

 missed a tiny thing like that crash so apologies  

thnx man but i couldn't male game any better i made in 15 days like i get to know about this jam when there were 15 days remaining and in last weak my school decided to have surprise exams (full book) and i completely left it 

and thought that i should pay attention to my studies like cmon full book exams so sorry for everything but the game shouldn't crash when you click the play again button it should start it right at home  but i will fix all the bugs and update it after exams 


i have been waiting for this for so long 

like right after you uploaded your first vid about it

thank you join mine

very coool

dude i will be honest you ends up making it so hard

nvm did it

gemme your discord

there is so many tiny details and IDK is it me so dumb i can't complete level 1

like really good

Dude this game is amazing

Cool Dude it's actually really good looking at the amount of time you made it in

PLZ lemme Know what u think about it