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Hi, loving the game! I have small problems when I play in full screen with my 21:9 ratio screen. Pressing buttons like "End turn" is hard because I have to aim bit right where the button actually is. Everything on the UI outside of menus are bit off.

Losing of the limbs, deteriorating and then building yourself back is a neat concept which I highly recommend you to continue working with! Change of the tempo in the music works also great, I would tie it to the health instead of the time. I'm also bit confused it there is goal, just these few platforms. Regardless, I think there are lots of potential  in this small yet interesting mechanic.

Oh the music :D I love the attitude and the comical approach of the game! Most irritating bug is that balls get stuck on the corner, fix that and change music (or make toggle for music) and we are good to go! Thanks for the game.

The MC is great, I love the design! In depth feedback of the game is in the video which I'll link to this comment when the video is publish.

Thank you! Yeah, controls is the first thing I'll fix post-gamejam. Also because character doesn't currently turn to the direction it is moving, it makes it bit more janky it should be. I'm also fixing the tank controls too, so hopefully within few days there will be build with working controls, please give it a another go then!

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WASD - move
Q / E - Rotate camera
ESC - options
Mouse in menus
Controls are camera related, so regardless of cameras angle.

Object of the game:
Goal is to touch the floating orb of NextLevel. You have limited time in each level, but you can charge up the time by walking into charging pad. Use different camera angles to find your way through small labyrinths and to locate buttons which will help you to progress in levels.

Post-gamejam patch (in few days)  priorities:
Fixing controls relative and tank controls
Character will  turn to the direction of movement
More levels

Hey, made a video where I give my thoughts from the QA / tester perspective! Bio Crisis: Evil Hazard - My Thoughts - YouTube

Hi! I gave a go and I did a short video where I give my input and feedback for the game. Hopefully you'll find something helpful from my worlds, exited to see where this project goes

Crystal Hell - My Thoughts - YouTube

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Well polished platformer. Sadly sounds were stuttering and cracking, hope it is just on my end! Using Google Chrome on Windows 10, Version 90.0.4430.9.

I did also a short video and gave my thoughts of a game! It is more a insight as a fellow dev and survival-horror fan rather than entertaining video! Thanks for the game friends.

Hey and thanks for the amazing game! I have tried to create a similar logic for the camera change (in Unity tho), but I just can't find a good system that doesn't glitch out. So what is the logic that changes the active camera?

Simple and atmospheric piece, great work :3

I was looking for side view space assets, but still ended up buying this bundle because for its sheer size! I'm 100% sure I'll have use for these on other projects. Thanks for the incredible job, if I'll ever ship any game I'll make sure to mention you! 

Have most wonderful rest of the year 💕

Thanks for creating such a wonderful game. I really loved the atmosphere. Graphical style was also a hit, ambient music was great and story was absolutely great. Only thing that really bothered me was input. I use 60% keyboard and I don't have arrow keys, so I had to keep FN button down to move and then I needed to release it to use A, Z or X. I'm quite sure that there aren't many people with this problem, but just wanted to let you know. 

Please create a set of games around this same story / setup and bundle them together. 


It's not a bug but a game design flaw by me. I tried it myself and I thought that it would be better to have a small delay between moving left and right since it leaves less room for error. You are not first one to say that so I'll remove it so that there is bo delay in vertical movement. I'll upload new version when I get up next morning! Thanks for the feedback.

Dang, this is brilliant! Nice work, could see this as a casual mobile game or actual boardgame.

Took me a second to understand what was going on :D Fun game nevertheless!