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this was cute and fun <3

this game is way too good!

that was a cute game

this is a masterpiece

when I first saw this game I thought I won't like it. but actually it touched me. really great game!

I wasnt expecting this. I felt that

this version is my favourite!

that was great

this was heartwarming <3

that was really weird.

this game touched me. thank you! ıt was awesome!

fed my dragon <3

lmao I was expecting something more serious, but this is better lol

It looks absolutely amazing!


please add multiplayer or lan party feature, or even a split screen. I need to play this game with my friends so bad right now!

this was pretty creative and fun! I love that undertale easteregg and the sleeping rook :)

The game looks like ıts a ps1 game from 90s. And game has no ending, It just keeps going. Feels like a never ending nightmare.

Wow, this looks absolutely fantastic! Everything looks stunning!

this game feels really weird. I liked It!

man that was really cool! It was fun.

man that was fun! loved ıt!

yo I beat the old version. this game is amazing!

huh? 🤨

nice game

wow that would be interesting. an arcade shooter where you play as an agent. and a bit stealth

ıt looks way better than the original but the characters look a bit bouncy when falling ground.  even so ıt looks sick! that game is gonna be awesome!

this one is demo

w-what 😳

ı got 50 score. that game was good!

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I remember playing the first version of this game. I had so much fun and wished it was longer. and today I just found out that the steam page has opened. you cannot imagine how happy I am. I'll get the game as soon as it comes out, keep it up guys!

also the last demo was awesome! ıts so much fun and optimization is very well done. my lowend potato laptop ran ıt 30-40fps, that's awesome!

wow that was really cool

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oh my god ı wasnt expecting that. I discovered this game about 4 hours ago and was playing the demo for 4 hours. I thaught this is a short comedy game but then I figured out that this is one of the best games ıve discovered in itchio. I wish it was cheaper so I could buy It. 10 dollar is fricking expensive in my country :/ anyway, that was awesome!

wow looks awesome!

That was fun and really scary but I got a bug at the end so couldn't finish the game. when we hit a guy game allows us to get in the truck before checking the corpse but once I got on the truck I couldn't get out again. That broke my game so I had to watch the end of the game on youtube.

this game is just perfect! one of the cutest games ıve ever played! ı really enjoyed that game. awesome!!

wow, I wasn't expecting that. after I ran the game I decided to set the sounds cuz it was low. While setting the sounds I heard a voice telling me "what are you waiting for". DUDE... that scared tf out of me. I haven't played the game yet but Im 100% sure that this game is really good!

that was atmospheric, cute, and a little terrifying. sound design is really good ı liked that game :)

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yoo that's one of the best games I've played, no jokes man that's really awesome! keep making games like that!

btw ıt would be really cool if we can download the game. ı really loved ıt!