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the email in the game really made me angry

Goddamn it. I wish you could just run up and smash the guy in the face with a weapon

Well it kinda reminded me of The Wicker Man. What made it more hellish-like was the fuzzy red lighting. It kinda like I was entering Hell itself in this game.

Nah it was cool. Loved the game!

Absolutely marvellous. Well done!

I remember as a kid, I had a nightmare where i was underwater somewhere in the ocean, and all out of a sudden a gigantic corpse-like being appeared out of nowhere and came straight towards me.

This game basically was my dream played out irl.

This is the first game I've ever had to stop playing because it was disturbing me too much.

Why does it say 'compatible with Mac'? When i unzip it, it only shows .exe file

application will not open on mac :(

I loved the attention to detail in the objects. I also liked the lighting. Only irritation was the dodgy graphics when looking or turning.

It's funny because when I first played it , I was quite scared, and then I asked myself ''why am I afraid?''

I think you guys are fucking crazy for allowing this to be downloaded free of charge.

I'm curious as to how you came up with the idea for the scenery, especially the 'stomach' scenes.

Is there a 'making-of' that is available as part of the purchase?

First of all, is there a way to pay money for this?

Also, just out of curiosity, how did you make it so that the sky transforms into space as you fly further upwards? How did you incorporate that functionality into Unity?

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I liked this game so much that I am prepared to pay for it. I'd also like to ask you a couple of things about the game

Do you have an email?

I'd like to ask you about Station Randall. Do you have an email?

How come there are 2 profiles with the exact same game?

Any chance of seeing a Mac compatible version? :(

Any chance of seeing a mac compatible version? :(

The shading is a little bit off, but the noises those creatures make, especially the screams, are perhaps the scariest thing I've heard in a while. Did you get those from freesound?

If I may, I think it would be even scarier if it starts during the day, with the island being empty, but you find little notes scattered throughout saying stuff like 'the trees move'. Then when night comes, that's when the monsters emerge.

Am unable to open this on mac. All I see is a .exe file and a heckload of resources.

Am unable to open this on my mac. All I see is a .exe file and a heckload of resources

Library of Babel 3D community · Created a new topic Andy

Just wondering, where did you get the idea for the design of the librarian?

I am unable to purchase this on Paypal. My card & account work fine. Please help :(

It won't download. I have a Mac. Could that be the reason?


Unfortunately I cannot open this on mac. I just get a .exe file and a folder full of plugins.

I hope your friend is doing better. If not, I recommend judicial use of antidepressants.

Oh, so it was built off Unity alone? Thank you for the reply. And Merry Christmas!

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Do you guys have a website or blog? I liked this game so much that I am prepared to pay for it.


I really liked the play of your game.

Would you be prepared to show a tutorial on how you made it, for a fee?