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You can now jump with space thanks for your feedback!

Hi PixelBlock!

Thanks for playing and i'm glad you liked it. I realized this during development however i couldn't really think of what should happen when the player does that so i just left it like that.. Anyways, i'm really happy you found it fun and thanks for your feedback!

No, sorry...

Glad you liked it!

By the way the color order is:

Z<- Blue - Green - Red - Black - Red - Green - Blue ->C

The planes crash even though i don't see any thing in the light...Maybe they go behind/in front of the big airship and they aren't visible bc they're the same colour.

Love the art style and mechanics however i think it can be improved by making the light move faster and getting the total kills and high score working for the webgl build. Also sometimes i don't see anything in the light however i hear a bomb sound then a plane crashes to the base.

Love the art but it feels like i haven't hit anything but  i still take damage

It is too hard to understand for me