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Cool what an interesting game! I played your game with my boyfriend, Eray, and it was really enjoyable. We played for 20-30 minutes after eating hamburger and cheeseburger. Although we wished it was harder.

Wow! What a detailed game for a 48h jam! I didn't expect to have to use other tools outside the game to complete it. I like how the clues kind of nudge you in the right direction yet it still feels great when you solve it. The cpu meter was a nice touch adding a more game-like feel. Also thought it was a really clever the way credits were shown. My only feedback would be to have a more certain indication when you get the password wrong.
By the way you should totally add a selection box to the desktop :D

Took a bit to get my head around the mechanics but the first two levels really did a great job teaching without holding my hand. The graphics and the music were great. The isometric view was a bit confusing but the way you made the character snap to the platforms definitely helped.  The best game I've seen so far with the "collect/change your controls" idea! Why so short? ;)

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Amazing game and solid execution! Really loved how you could come up with so many different puzzles using the same basic principle. The dual purpose design was nice too. Not only do your bullets damage yourself, but they can also be used to gain additional knock-back and speed which was especially useful in the time trial stages. My only feedback would be to add a button to restart the stage and to look into the time slow ability since the time trial stages felt much easier using it despite struggling so much beforehand. It was so satisfying to finish every stage and even more so the game. I think you have the potential to take this even further because it looks like you can easily add complementary puzzle elements to the main mechanic.

P.S. It would be great if you could play my game :)

Interesting psychological take on the theme. I didn't expect a jam game with multiple endings and a dark story, however I enjoyed it very much. Especially that the connection to the theme is revealed after you've murdered many innocent children. I thought the ending 3/3 would be to kill 100 enemies without taking too much medicine. Yet I was wrong. How do you get the 3rd ending?

P.S It would be great if you could check out my game :)

Cool first jam game! I didn't expect much story in any of the games and was pleasantly surprised to see it in this one. For me two things really stood out: the polish and the art style. The art style is minimal yet it is perfectly enough at all times to understand what's going on and it's pleasing to the eye too. When i first noticed that I could break the windows with the shotgun and create exits for myself but at the same time create entrances for enemies, I was amazed that this feature was in a jam game. Also easily skipping the dialogue and story meant that I could retry hard parts faster. But I still think it would've been great to have checkpoints at the start of each part.

P.S. If you could check out my game that would be awesome!

One of the most enjoyable entries I've played! I really had fun with the endless arcade like style and the high score! The connection with the theme was also great and clear. I don't know how it works in the standalone version but my only suggestion is to save the high score after refreshing the page. Otherwise, cool game and one of the best entries I've seen so far!

P.S. I'd love it if you could spare the time to check my game out :)

One of the best relations to the theme I've seen! It is unbelievable how the 3d models are made and the mechanic is implemented under 48 hours. Freeing myself from the chair felt finicky yet the rest of the game was smooth. With more levels and polish i can see this game being published on steam.

I would love it for you to check out my game if you have the time :)

Interesting game and a really original idea! I haven't seen anything close to that idea before. I liked how you could stand on spikes and enemies and sacrifice a bit of health for faster navigation. My only feedback would be to add some checkpoints.
 I would love it if you took the time to check out my game :D

Great take on the theme. Mushrooms were fun to find since they spawned in random locations each game across the map.  Unlike some of the others I didn't feel annoyed since only the keys on the same axis were swapping in my first game. However when I played it a second time, I understood what they were talking about. The confusing part was that I would go forward with D and rotate with S. But I think the confusing controls would really balance out in local multiplayer, the intended way of playing leading to a hectic yet enjoyable experience.

I have no idea how you made this in scratch as it is such a solid game. My only feedback is to have an in-game tutorial because for example couldn't understand what W does and thought I could place a wall every 5 seconds or so. Otherwise, cool game and a great entry!

Cool game! It was very thrilling to see if i could defuse the bomb in my first try (I couldn't but I did on the second). I think your game would benefit greatly from more stages if they give the player the same excitement I got when I was exploring the stage for the first time. Seeing your comment about coop gave me the idea to turn this into a mobile coop game, since there aren't any good mobile coop games and it would be fun to sit next to a friend and share the excitement :)
Also I love how the defuser gets angry and throws the tool back if you give him the wrong one. 

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Neat game! I really found it enjoyable that all of the stars are in the same world, leading to some skippable sections and an open world feel.  Although I didn't go through with the tutorial because the controls were easy to understand, I appreciate its existence for people with little prior knowledge on video games. The only thing I would change is to lock the mouse to the center of the screen so that it wouldn't get stuck on the edges when trying to rotate the camera around.

Wow! Amazing game! Really had fun and found it hectic at times with the number of enemies on screen and the amount of multitasking that needed to be done.

I enjoyed the unique take on the theme and felt like this game had a lot of potential. If only there were more levels that explored mechanics further.

Great game overall! Really enjoyed the graphics, its literal connection to the theme and the subtle references like how you get your health back back ctrl+z. My only gripe about the game is that, although it was made in 48 hours, it had little variation. I think it can be even better if you add more enemies and more weapons for the player.

You can now jump with space thanks for your feedback!

Hi PixelBlock!

Thanks for playing and i'm glad you liked it. I realized this during development however i couldn't really think of what should happen when the player does that so i just left it like that.. Anyways, i'm really happy you found it fun and thanks for your feedback!

Glad you liked it!

By the way the color order is:

Z<- Blue - Green - Red - Black - Red - Green - Blue ->C

The planes crash even though i don't see any thing in the light...Maybe they go behind/in front of the big airship and they aren't visible bc they're the same colour.

Love the art style and mechanics however i think it can be improved by making the light move faster and getting the total kills and high score working for the webgl build. Also sometimes i don't see anything in the light however i hear a bomb sound then a plane crashes to the base.

Love the art but it feels like i haven't hit anything but  i still take damage

It is too hard to understand for me