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Aguion Stryke

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Hey for some reason the .zip file keeps deleting itself before I can extract it.

I've turned off my antivirus and tried again, but the same thign happened, and even restarted my computer but it happened again, even trying to download it through github.

And for some reason it's only this one, I've downloaded another .zip file from the site but it went ok.

Edit: I decided to try the other versions but it deleted itself as well.

Great update! I was really eager for the rewatch house, and I genuinely love Wulfric's character.

Also, the last two scenes on Bangers will be released on the next updates, right? I can't find any other room for the Logsucker scene and a npc asks to meed him on room 3, which is closed.

Great game! Will you ever put a gallery of sorts to see the cutscenes that we have already seen?

I loved this so much owo

I'm excited for the next update!

It actually looks pretty good, despite only being bare bones.

This looks nice. Looking forward for more content!