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Which version is the newer?

Itch has 1.68 i while Gamejolt has 1.68 g 

I'll assume that Itch has the newer? 

Don't mind me, just checking what's new

I have been busy with college stuff and haven't been able to try the new versions, but here's that time I manege to unlock the Vera hidden route.

I'm so hyped that the switch goal was reached, congratulation boys 

Hyped for the new milestone, busy with IRL stuff, I'll promise I'll play it as soon as I can

Made it to the last boss, I'll have a friend to test it the game and see if he can beat Selicy, I'll get good in this game some day.

Pd: I love the song of the 1st enemy encounter 

There's any way to get these pins, that isn't showing up in  a convention?

For starters I don't even live in the U.S. and would love to get a Saffron pin

I know this is too much asking, but is there any way I can get my hands on this very early version of the Demo?

Great game guys, excited to play it