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Hi. You're game will be outstandly good! I love all the interaction: mini arcade games, movie theater, radios, wrist device, in-game saving machines, flying car driving, etc. On the other hand, because of the fog, I can't see the details of some environments. But maybe it's because of my headset. I play with an Oculus Quest 1 through Virtual Desktop. Anyway, you're game is great! Thank you!

Great game! The subtitles are a little too small though... The Subtitles box could be more square like and have rounded corners too. I wish she could say outloud ALL the dialogue in Japanese. Just reading is lacking something I find.... Anyway, it's still very cool!

Cyberpunk VR Experience community · Created a new topic Bug
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Hi. I downloaded and unzipped your file. But when I launched it, everything started to shake.  My view was kind of fragmented in pieces and I couldn't do anything... I deleted all the files and downloaded them again , unzipped the file, launched the game again, but same thing... I have an Oculus Quest 1 and play through Virtual Deskptop.