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the story was sad but the balance of humor was great. ;) 

AH! I played the guys first, and went back for the ladies, and I have to say, Offkey has the best funny moments thus far . That last chat is perfect! especially that last couple lines from the mods. pft. Off to play the last route now

Super cute, but I wish there were more love interest routes, so that it lasted longer. I'm a bit old for this type of humor, but it was still cute. Even I started to fall in love with the character's charm after a while, and started to ignore all the gen x references lol 

Okay, but I need a walkthrough for X apparently, because I have done it EVERY which way, and I cannot get the CG at the end... I guess it's just friendly? Someone haaaalp! 

I played Exit/Corners yesterday, and then, as you suspected, located this! It was VERY intriguing. I'm into paranormal stuff and stories, so this is going to be super interesting. I really did enjoy being the one to "answer" questions, but it's a bit difficult as there were no instructions at first. I figured it out, but I wasn't sure what the heck I was looking for or doing, even based on the questions. I'm sure you're working on a more "tutorial" explanation of doing things, but I was happy that you could pick words that were "incorrect" and get more bits and pieces of universe or character development! That was neat and also one of my favorite parts of E/C. Good luck and I cannot wait for the release! 

I can't even bring myself to get bad ends, so I read the walkthrough and kinda get the jist of what the expectations on answers are, or the general vibe. Then I just go for the good end. Always.

I got Quest's once, but it's not really a "BAD" ending per se'. 

The theme song is the BEST

Quest's route will do that to you. It's a good one! I wish there was an onion route now that I have heard his voice too. 

It's an indie game! It's up to us to spread the love for this game! 

His personality is a bit...uppity, but I've heard his voice now, and I want more. 

You can end up on Nightowl's route. There are 4 LI and you end up on a route at the end of the first day. :) 

After hearing Onion's voice I want to date him now too! 

Just in case anyone missed it the first play through or so, when the characters type something and there is a little speaker Icon, you can click that and HEAR other voices. All it's done is make me want Onion added to the LI list! 

Now that we have an XYX Route, I sort of want to see a BIGLADY and Oniontheif route. Onion really holds fast to the "perfect boyfriend" persona, and how he would never disrespect someone the way Nathaniel did in the bloomic series. I really would like to see that. And Lady is just so.... well lesbehonest, she's perfect for a female character. She mentions a bad date, so we could definitely see her as a potential suitor. Other than maybe two and salo, everyone is single and ready to mingle, correct? Even June? I'm sure you are closing the door on this project and opening another, but there are a ton of us that would love a FANDISC of more content! 

In day one, there are usually 3 options for text, and one of the three options leads to a character. If you exclude a few exceptions, and the fact that some of the other options are hidden until the final route is unlocked... There is a nightowl guide here, so if you avoid those options, you'll end up on one of the other routes, I'd assume. The XYX route walkthrough is here also, and I was able to find one for Toaster,  but not Quest online elsewhere. Those seem to have been removed to be updated for the new content, but with Quest, you want to reply to the "sleeping time" with before 10pm, and most of the other options are more "formal" like when he asks if you've read the last chapter, and you have three versions of the word YES, but some are more slang terms, always pick yes. And when he asks about why you were awake/joined the server, that one is more about finding fans with like interests, instead of the more angsty replies. :) After day one though, there are easy bad endings for most of the characters so you're on your own! At least they added the photo of who's route you're on after day 1 so you can quit and try again if you got the wrong person. :) It's almost like most of quests answers are the first colum, owl is second, XYX/Toaster are the 3rd, but not ALWAYS. 

Oh, and can I just say, adding more to the lore of the universe made this game one of my favorite stories yet! Keep up the good work! Can't wait to see what you do next! 

I was so excited to wait for the XYX route release. I am beyond pleased that you left the old version for other's to play if they wanted to, but also updated the CG and music and even the text for the other characters! It was a little sad that it looks like Quest didn't get a total revamp like the other two older characters, but I'll defo be replaying it just to see, even if it's not listed in the notes. I really enjoyed XYX, and I kinda want to see another game like this, OR maybe we get another  route? It would be nice to have a female route or two for those who want it, and possibly get more on Onion? He seems like he doesn't have anything going on relationship wise, which begs to question: Is he also a complete and   total fireball? I love this game and the art style is just amazing! The VOICE ACTING is on point. You don't get that often. I've avoided some pretty big name games because I couldn't get past the cringe VA. Good job! 

I surely hope so, because I don't enjoy the phone version very much. I would prefer to have it on PC, even paid, so I can skip through days, and such. 

Love it! 

I created an account, just to RAVE about how wonderful this game was. I started Otome adventures, with Mystic Messenger, and there has been only 1 other game thus far to fill that "void" (Love Unholyc) with this unique format. 

This game is INSANELY good. I wasn't a HUGE FAN of the art style at FIRST, but once you're in the game, it's intensely different! I fell in love with the characters, and VA did SUCH an amazing job! 

I cannot wait until the release of XYX route, at the end of this year or next! Hurry UP already. If anyone has any other suggestions on chat room based games like this, I'd love to try them! 

I'd love to donate to the DEVS if I can, as well, if someone can point me in that direction! I love a good "free" game, but if it helps amazing dev's come up with even better games, I'm all for the monetary support! Good luck! Keep up the good work!