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Sky Rogue community · Created a new topic No Sound in Linux
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Hello everyone!

I bought and downloaded the game for linux. I ran the executable file like this ./skyrogue.x86
The game starts up and everything looks nice and smooth.. but I have no sound at all! I've checked the player.log and it says: " AudioManager: Using Unknown: NoSound Driver". I have PulseAudio plugin installed and ALSA. I have sound while browsing/games/videos/bluetooth but no sound while playing Sky Rogue V 1.1.6

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Edit: I was looking/reading around and I found out that I had to install lib32-alsa-plugins and lib32-alsa-plugins. Now I have the sound working using Arch Linux. I also tested it on ubuntu and it works out of the box.

Great and fun little game!