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The name isn't Voxelstein 3D. :clown: this is just a fuel rod cannon. but it looks cool none the less.

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The gameplay is incredible! Movement feels great, guns feel AMAZING, I had a little too much fun with the shotgun! I am confident in saying that, with more polish, levels, and guns this game could REALLY be something! I did notice, when being attacked by the big demons, they would run at me, I would dodge, and while I am a good distance away, still get hit by them. That's really the only issue I had with the gameplay. I'm definitely going to keep my eye on this project, and get this bad boy wishlisted!

Love this game! Plays super great! You went for gameplay first over graphics and I approve! The game runs great, and with multiple people, itends up being super fun. Having one guy assist via a control panel, and the rest scanning the facility for the cure ingredients is just great fun!

I really like the concept of this! The game plays incredibly well! If you could replicate all the stuff in this game, I can see this being a pretty fun game! 

Thanks for the report! Going to do some work on the game today, fix some bugs and hopefully release the update with the new models. We also have a trello page, in where you can post suggestions and bugs there as well!

Sure! I had planned on completely redoing the models, as I'm doing with pretty much everything else. I've already got both of the weapons "voxelized" so once they are done, I'll send out the update!

Hey! I did my best to optimize the game as is, but if you said you seemed to struggle, I can try to look into it a bit more, what did you mean possibly fo voxel weapons and enemys?

Thank you! I tried my best to make the map as big as possible, I wanted people to really be able to explore. I also didn't want the game to be over so quick.

You can follow our roadmap here to keep up to date on progress ;P