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rtu izts rtu when rtu hits

yes, no problems

Cant find min requirements. Will this run on 4 g ram and intel 5500 onboard gfx ?

live and drink

i have never been as patient as with this game. i am waiting for it since i first laid eyes on some clips and screenshots and i will wait until its done and if i have to go into crypostasis or whatever. 

seems like you figured out all the pain points by yourself, so there is no need to shit on any of the issues i had...great experiment. i didn't figure out the "true" story, yet left satisfied because of great aesthetic, narrative and world building.

if you are reading this and haven't played it, have an open mind when it comes to experimental game design, you should definitely check. it. out!

i would like this a lot, if the controls weren't so annoying. what's with the friction? it's like running on ice all the time...


rupert owes me 300 bucks or am i supposed to pay the librarian out of my own pocket? better have my money, zhao...

game glitched out after i shut the window to online search for the author of the book (no idea if connected to that). when i got back into the game the character sprite seemed to walk behind objects (the one i definitely noticed was the table or whatever it is that you can look at in the tiger lily lobby, but i think light from cpu screens too). i wasn't able to interact with the library computer anymore, and when i entered my office the character sprite was gone. after some travelling back and forth everything returned to normal and i was able to continue. other than that it looked very very promising, definitely gonna check this out in the future.

holy fuck i have no idea whats going on. but i like it. part 1 maybe?

right after jin fixes me up in the med bay.

no idea if this is known, but when i entered the menu, then returned to the game the controls for moevement didn't work anymore. just wasd, attacks and dash triggered, but i was stuck in place. i was playing in fullscreen and it happened when i was standing next to the table for the four energy thingies, with only the first one activated.

just downloaded it. should be latest version.
some issues: when i look around the clinic sometimes the first client event isn't triggered (client won't come, items are not interactive anymore). wrong order maybe?
when i exit from the terminal to menu, and return to game, the keyword input isn't active anymore...can't click on anything, enter words or leave terminal either...