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You have your start menu over your made by text. I'd recommend changing the placement either the made by or the menu.

You have your player character visible during the opening scene. Not a big problem, you can set it to be transparent for cutscene and then visible at the end of the cutscenes.  Tip for next time.

Warrior, Fighter, Mage. That's an interesting trio. Usually its Fighter, Rogue, Mage. Warrior and Fighter are usually synonyms. 

You have a few typos, it happens. Try looking over your events and checking carefully when writing. 

Be sure, you add music to your maps. It's a bit uncomfortable playing through in silence. 

Also, audio cues for the healing and other events. Helps in game feel.

I noticed the ghost troop is all in pairs. 

I peaked at your game files, and for a first game, I think you did good. But, some mistakes were made. I use XP too so if you need any help or tips I'm happy to send some your way.  

Hey 👋 my game is a two year project just to be clear

Hello, thank you so much for playing. Just so you know this project isn't a month old, it's actually a few years old. Hoping for a full release in october (gods willing) I appreciate the feedback and I'll try to make the combat much less of a slog.  That is currently a big issue for me. 

Yeah, this  has been a labor of love for the past two years :)

First, let me thank you so much for playing the game. I will take into account the feedback on the slimes as I am still trying to figure out how to make my combat more engaging  while still providing  a challenge. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

It's strange to play a game from someone else's life and see so much  of your own reflected in it. It was very resonant. 

First I want to apologize for the bug. I must have missed it during the last round of crunch I've fixed it and will be uploading a newer version . Thank you so much for laying the game and I apologize for the error. Let me know if you find anything else and again thank you so much for giving my game your time. It's more than appreciated. 

Back Space is the x button😊

Great Job with the ghosty!

That's an amazing art development. It looks so good!!!

Congrats on the funding goal! And I never knew about  Toki Pona, until today. Thanks for the knowledge!

Your game looks pretty cool!

This is absurdly cute!!

Love the art! Thanks for the updates!

This is so cute. I wish I was on this level of pixel art generation tbh

You published it! Looking nice!

A bit stiff control wise and some of the sums didn't trigger.

also noticed it would freefall blocks if i held the move arrow. 

Not a bad game but not one I'd necessarily recommend

You're so expedient in your development.

Your game looks absolutely amazing. 

Gotta keep pace with you now! Your game sounds amazing!

The water fall is very nice. Your game world is  coming along nicely!!!

Hey, thank so much for this upgrade l. I have you credited in my current project with the first version. You're a godsend for making this tool!

Itch isn't letting me buy your game. I've been trying since it launched. There's an error with  Stripe or something. :(

High  Score: 31

In playing peppermint I found the game interesting as a time sink but a bit stiff in the controls. The lack of music was bit unnerving with the art style but it gives me old adult swim memories. Its a fine project. 

I was surprised to see a thotiana cover in the pack, is  it fair to say that is probably not usuable in a video game. Along with the other covers.

Downloaded it and played around with it for a short while. The snake game was serviceable if a bit hard to control. Good on you for including the variable speed. 

The rogue was a bit stiff and the audio seemed very low if it was there at all. The sprite also doesn't change directions when moving. 

Hope this helps.

That wasn't the intent. And I did try to only enter jams that my was related to. Won't happen again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Seconded. I hope you all enjoy Glory's Fools!!

I had been really interested in this game jam and recieving feedback from the community. I'm very elated to have won, but it's more motivation to complete my game. So much to do. Thank you so much for playing and I hope that you get a chance to play the fully realized version. 

Thank you so much for this feedback. And yeah, the retro resolution was a decision made for my creative vision but I understand if it is a barrier for some people. I hope you enjoyed it!

Thanks so much!

Looks ghastly! I'll give it a shot soon.

it means so much to hear that. Thank tou. When it's finished I hope you play it again!

Hello, I'm trying to add shortcuts for my cultists. Also, one seems to be stuck in the shrine and it resets to 0 every start up.

The art is really nice and like the music. The enemy theme is really good. It's similar to a game i have in mind so I look forward to seeing how yours develops. 

sis* lol

And looks exciting will enter