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thanks babyandie! glad we could help out, and thanks for the feedback

I don't see a game sorry

Hey, There is a bug around that you may not be able to move left or right, Just go into display settings and make sure your computers scale is %125 and it should work ok. 

With love, The juice club

very creative idea. love the game

this is game design at its peak. I could not make this caliber of a game with a 2 mil budget and 10 years. bravo. bravo

this game is awesome!!

the level design is amazing and I love the diverse range of foods you made.

my quick feedback is this:

there is one level where the door should be locked  but isn't locked, and there is a bug where your vomit meter recharges when your head is touching the ceiling. 

here is my level design feedback:

In the levels with the burgers it often was easier just to use your regular mode to do the button than to get the burger.

I think that there should be one more level, which includes every power up you have found so far, as the current last level is more of a test of skill, and doesn't incorporate the puzzle element of the game. I honestly thought it was the second last level, and since level design is clearly one of your strengths, i think a final gauntlet could be really cool

as this game is very long, you could have the game "end" a bit earlier (maybe 10 or so levels in) and have an option to keep playing extra levels. It would provide a place for players to stop and feel satisfied if they weren't up for the really hard levels.

overall, I think this game is so cool, and everything about it comes together well (sound, art, programming, design).

keep making games!

no worries Nick!

thanks for getting back so quick.

here's some other random advice I would give. the difficulty seems impossible past the 6th wave or so, so i would add some features that would fix this.

A idea I had was power-ups that flew across the sky and you had to hit with your axe. they give you abilities, such as instant recharge, axes that go through enemies, or multiple axes at a time.

any other way of making the games last longer for a skilled player would be cool though.

overall, I think the art and sound are great in this game, and the mechanics are simple but difficult. don't take that away

hope that's helpful

this game was epic.

very funny, though the delay on the axe recharge bar was annoying, because it kept charging up while you couldn't throw and when you could it reset to 0

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hello players!

whether you liked this game or not, we would love to hear your feedback, so we can improve our games

It would be awesome if you could let us know:

  • any bugs or issues
  • what you liked
  • what you didn't like
  • any ideas for what to add

Thanks to everyone who has played our game, it means the world to us

with love,

the Juice club


maybe make it more obvious that you can switch guns and reload. i didn't read the description until after i spent ages looking around for ammo on the ground. also, can you keep your gun from last try, and can the enemies have better path-finding.

how do i play?