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The next update 0.6.5 beta verion is out on Patreon.

Better to wait for the release because the beta won't use the save from the 0.6 version.

Good game.

Good game.

Bug - Clean the level super fast before the level restart.

You don’t need a pajama or some sleepwear because sleeping naked is a little awkward.

Good game but there is two things.

1. Rotating parts

2. A softlock when use self destruc

Good demo.

Get all sushi!

New game mode "You and Me". 

In this game mode no chargers instead you get a friend, like the BoI games, you start with Isaacs, he has his health that show next yhe heart counter, you can move him like the minecart, also shots when a enemy on the same line, it a enemi reach him he taking damage slowly and its health is reach zero you lose, few upgrades effect both him and the babies few may mske him stronger, each round end have a chance to shows a friend update. 

Back Stabber Baby:

A baby that hiding it's shadow and stab the enemy behind with great speed but have low health.

Useful dealing with tank enemies and can hidden his shield to.


better card: Vertical style can be chose to set top or bottom and set it's  size to use more easily.

Place baby and items use setting:  You can choose between "Tap and Place" and "Hold and Drop"

Android - Achievements is ni text and images.


I did a short gameplay.

I see shit.

I heard about the Android version.

This is true?

Do you mean Breast Expansion?

Good also what short of BE?

Very cool and creative game.


Nice game.

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A app named Maldives or JoiPlay player can able to play RPG MV games like this one. 

This is a NSFW or SFW?

The game is good but need a better character.

Thanks for the helping but this game have a true ending?

I find all keys and paintings but nothing change.

Someone give me a hint to these worlds which level star search the key?

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Can you replace these dots to up green and down red arrows?

Some info about the next update?

This game need a huge remake?

Nice game but this is a extreme mode game.

Agergo100's suggestion list:

1. Bigger buttons

Playing on mobile is hard to touch that small "Back" or "Seek" button, so why not make these buttons bigger.

2. Inflate Cake

A special item with a unique effect.

Also you can gift to other women characters. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

3. The 100 wave challange and the Champion

At the New Ark Slums arena you can ask the Organizer for the 100 wave challenge.

100 wave challenge rule:

-It you beat a wave the next wave start

-It you get KO the challange is over and you fail

-The enemies each wave increase their strength

-Wave 100 is boss wave where the campion shows up

The reward:

10.000 Credits

free pass to New ark Slum (No longer need pay for entry)

Can you add a free space on right side for character?

Because very annoying it the character cover the game.

Also add hotkeys to swap the character.


(1 edit)

Well then I won't get to this part yet.

I mean a upgrade.

Also did you know that a woman can have more that one babe in his belly?

Then why not can make more seeds?

(1 edit)

1. Add a upgrade call multiplier is good idea.

Multiplier make the girl product more seeds and bigger pregnant belly.

2. Where the android version?

Plus here a video.


This the better that just shapes and beats.


That stupid FPS limit won't allow me to play this game.

I finally beat this hell.