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sloow and low frame skip

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On werewolfs battle one just jump back and stuck on his position, but the other is dead.




This game is 100% FUCKING NO FAIR


The older version no have lag, except the first boss 2 phase bullet spam attack.

Maybe new visual things?


1. On easy mode need more checkpoints.

2. The final stage restart on start on 1 but I the 3

Now the gameplay is lag to.


1.Coints may can't pick up.

2.Enemy can't attack you.

3.Boss 1 bullets spam attack slow down the game.


The next demo upload date?

Nice demo.

Very nice.

Good demo


What the music name at the game end where the gnomes here?

The game good but not perfect.

You need do a lot to make more good this game.

I love this but the new music is CRAZY I can't wait more of this. :D

I mean, in the chat box, the text does not disappear after any action or conversation.

I have 2 problems.

1.At the Roxie's Diner need the 4 work 1 day limit?

2.Any NPCs chat cant remove then i go any place.

More belly inflation!

webGL is slow

bandit girl

This game made a android version?

Then the update delete the save datas?

Me to

Why not make the clasic moving system on this game.

The page on mobile need a better look.

I can't download any game on my mobile.

The R can't working.

Glich after the demon battle same time talk him an the VIP ticket make a softlock.

(1 edit)

The game is good but there are many things to modify.

Detail, animations, more.

And broken a bit.

The downloaet version.

I can't load game.

This game can't work.

Flat Dio

The game no have win screen.

I like this game and I wait the next part.

But after the boombox quest she want sex and show me a error. XD

Why no Windows?

Hello i like this visual novel, but i not like the end.

Why not add the ending 12?

[ending12 a better future]

A mysterious voice is asking behind.
- Are you satisfied with the future?
I scare you when you hear it, and slowly turned around.
I saw a man in a white shirt and a white hair in his right hand with a white pocket watch.
I'll take some breath before I ask you.
-Who are you and how did you come in?
The mysterious man stepped forward and introduced himself.
Time Wanderer:
- My name is Time Wanderer.
- And I'm just here because they sent me here.
When I ended up I heard a complete confusion.
Who is he who sent and how he got here.
Time Wanderer:
- Now you're thinking about what I'm going to get here?
-What are you doing here?
Time Wanderer:
- First I told you they were sent here.
-I'm only a specialist for such work.
- To change the time line without any disturbance.
-The time line?
Time Wanderer:
-Yes, that.
-You still think I'm just one person among the other people.
-I prove that I show you something.
When he finished his speech, he grabbed my answer and came out to show his pocket watch and pressed the top button after a flash of light.
When the light is gone.
Blurred one orphanage.
When the picture came out I saw the most impossible thing.
The orphanage I lived long ago, but how.
I watched the Wanderer Time Wanderer.
-But how, this is the past?
Time Wanderer:
- And there is one thing that is not a trick.
All of them had picked up my answer first and on my pocket watch
 he pressed the top.
We still have a strong light and now we stand in front of a window of the orphanage.
-This kitchen.
When I say something weird with my voice, so much if I speak but can't die.
Time Wanderer:
-This is my ability not to see and hear us, but if it does happen then the time line is ruined.
-Well, but what time are we now?
Time Wanderer:
- Fire accident.
When I heard my heart get cold.
Time Wanderer:
When Henry wanted a goodbye prank for you, Royer and Mary were with him.
- Later Alice came.
-You know what's coming after.
-The fire....
Time Wanderer:
- We're going back.
It was too late, back to the present with his pocket watch.
When we came back to my apartment, I was just thinking that I wouldn't have done the fire accident.
- Why don't you stop the fire accident?
Time Wanderer:
- Because I shouldn't do this for you.
-I know you don't understand, but only you can change your future.
- And theirs.
-Now you answer them or save them and the fire accident won't happen or stay in the future, and the meeting will happen if we haven't met.

[Save them] [I stay in this future]

I like this game i want try the full game.