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Rune Math is a puzzle and exploration game.

The story about a explorer who finally find the ruins,

these peoples used to protect their treasure and you have to get the treasure.

But the hardest part is you have to understand five type numbers.

Number of Earth

Numbers of Sky

Numbers of Fire

Numbers of Water

and Numbers of Ruin

Each numbers symbols is different, but some rules is same.

Number 2 and 5 is vertical mirrored and number 6 and 9 is 180 angle the diffetents.


Level 0          Withe        Entrance - Intro an Tutorial

                          Orange     Lobby 

Level 1          Green        Earth tower

Level 2          Red             Fire tower

Level 3          Yellow       Sky tower

Level 4          Blue            Water tower

Final Level  Purple       The final test

The game is good, but need some upgrades to make more better.

Good demo but the minigame is a bit hard.

What it you add the quick right click back on phone.

bug the girl spam his sound

Do you thinking about remake the walkthrough?

The button that revive both bosses and send back the start.

I think why.

The revive button may make the character invisible.

I used this button again and Vuu visible again, but later both of them become invisible.

Vuu is a ghost.

(1 edit)

BUG - Just look this picture. 

And changinf the options won't save.

SUGGESTION - Right click a food to instantly buy.

So I do a gameplay in my "I try it" series.

I can't wait for the full game.


It you satand on a fire floor and you win, you take damage.

Can fix this bug? have that MS paint don't.

Transparent and layers.

Can I use this?

Can resize the screen?

I played and watched all four ending, but there is must be a secret ending.

I right or not?


-.- BRUH

Good but the original is better.

How is going the next update?

I like this game, about when will the next update be?

It you want, I can translation to Hungary.

yes, but for once, it could be. 

1. In the mermaid task, how do you solve the second puzzle? 

2. I name her "Maid" but a lot thing can se the "Mom" (items tooltip, character name ect.) can mind to code these thing? 

I think the Sinewave is more nokia like and I send this video 1:40 can hear what sound have a nokia 3310.

I can make sound using SFXR program and it yes which?





(1 edit)

the game a bit slow

Good game, but why not make it in 3D?

The water effect on camero can't remove and make me blind.

items, clothes (by body part) ect.

Or a better inventory system?

Can make a quick item use button?

T H I C C LEVEL IS 9000!

The 3 part?


This visual novel get a update soon?


THX for make to can move the car to Creator boss but need a hook to move the car to snake lady boss.

The car?

sloow and low frame skip