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Loved the game! Pretty difficult, but nothing that makes the game unbereable.  I loved the graphics and design of everything so much; I got killed a couple of times by just admiring the ornamentation haha.

Continue making games, this is awesome :)

Super cool game! I was so sad when I reached the end, and I'll definitely stay here for new updates!

English is not my first language, but I think I did see a gramatical error, where instead of ''you do X'' it was writen as ''do you X'', but it wasn't supposed to be a question. Im really bad remembering stuff, so I can't be more specific, my apologies.

About the MC and story in general, I don't think it was overly femenine nor cis. I am a white trans nonbinary person, so I can't really talk about poc representation, but from what I've seen in other comments, everything checks out!

What I would personaly change is the gender choosing.

Instead of 


Man but was assigned Female at birth''

I would say 

''Man and was assigned Male at birth

Man and was assigned Female at birth''

Just to not separate so drastically those two. 

However, I think it would be easier to just say 

''Trans Man

Cis Man''

I don't think what you wrote was offensive or transphobic, I felt everything was really inclusive and comfortable to read for someone who doesn''t get that much representation, I just think it would be easier and more comfortable to read as a trans person.

Amazing game ! I loved the music and sounds, the art is just amazing and the story and characters are super captivating ! Totally recomend :)

Stfu transphobe

I really liked the graphics, story, mechanics, and music!! I suffered with the card game because I didn't know how to infect the cards, but when I realized I really liked it. It's a really original and cute game, and I wish it was longer! I will continue playing portrait prophecies games, i really enjoy them :)