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Cracking game with a lot of backstory considering it only took you 10 days to make! Can't wait to play the rest of it when I get chance!

Although it didn't have any jump scares, this game genuinely frightened me! I was scaring myself more than anything & was paranoid throughout the hole thing, just how a horror game should be!

Cracking game, seriously got me when Jeffrey came at me first time round! recommend it to anyone & everyone who likes horror games!

A great point & click game with a unique blackboard style. The artwork was amazing & really enjoyed the dialogue in this one too!

This may just be the best game I've ever played...Was absolutely ridiculous & I loved every minute of it! Highly recommend! 

A great game which I believe to be based on the story of The Blair Witch! Do you dare enter the House in the Woods?

After a 5 year hiatus, I'm back & ready to be afraid! Stay tuned as I have a lot planned for the future! Enjoy this Haunted House style game for yourself at the link below:

A short Indie Horror game that has a lot of potential and an easily expandable story! The graphics were pretty decent too! Here's hoping the Creator of this game will make more like this in the future!
(Sorry about the video quality at the beginning, YouTube compression does not like screen static...)

I'll admit... This one surprised me... What an incredible Indie Game! I still can't get over the fact this game only took you 10 days to make & made me produce a noise loud enough to wake the dead!