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heh, it's pretty fun. Shame the events repeat so often

Love this one. The music box was my favourite.

uh...  huh, that was something

I love the fire effect. Lighting is fantastic. And the rotating metalhead creature will probably haunt me in nightmares from now on.

More sound would've gone a long way to create an atmoshpere.

ahah, this is stressful

956 score

This is a weird concept :)

I do love the artwork for the God and the falling animation is 👌

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This is super cool.

I feel like difficulty ramped up way too fast, would've been nice to have a few steps before losing the splitter. But I really like what you did. 👍

This is a very unique concept. Janky, but cool.

Yo, this is cool. Very tense.

Looks very nice. I understand the time constraints, but it is funny how everyone praises the character for basically giving two simple orders :)

Was this inspired by Yes, Your Grace? Again, good job, just wish it was a little longer.

I feel that once you figure out the mechanics, the goal is too easy. 1000 homeostasis would be more interesting.

Also, there should be a way to remove buildings. Once you get into the negative energy spiral, you're dead.

Here's my 4th attempt:

Oh my god. Beautiful. I didn't expect this kind of story.

Very simple concept. but well executed. Nice job.

It's funny how many people went with the "keep the fire alive" idea.

the visuals are great, but I'll be honest, the writing is verbose

This is a really neat concept. If there was sound and music, it would be superb.