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Pretty good game, artillery is really fun to watch, but some units are kinda dumb. Sinpers and artillery will get way too close to enemy units, like MGs.

It's pretty cool to have a whole MMO RPG submitted to this jam, but there are some things which should be fixed or changed. Textboxes should have the name of the person speaking, there are a lot of spelling errors, and in the graphics there's a thing called "mixels" (you can look it up) which don't look great. Still, this is really cool! (Also, make sure you're storing login information in a secure way, look up some tutorials if you aren't)

This is a seriously good game, but man is it hard! I only ever got to like $10,000 in Million mode XD. It's a little bit hard to aim, since the bullets go slightly below the center of the crosshair.

This is a really cool version of a classic game, the fact that it is made in PICO-8 is a great touch. However, I think that the speedup that happens at 10 seconds is a little too fast, it should probably be slightly slower. Other than that, it's great!

alright, this game needs a lot of polish, but I'm not saying it's impossible for it to be a good game. First (obviously) you need a goal, some way to "win," so the players have a reason to keep playing. Also the main character looks kinda weird next to the angel of death that's chasing you.

Great music, still working on getting the best ending, if there is one.